Camera Catches Pope Before Infamous Trump Pic, Reveals What We Didn’t See

Camera Catches Pope Before Infamous Trump Pic Reveals What We Didnt See

It would seem that there is a simple answer to all the hooting and hollering by the liberal media about the photo of President Donald Trump, his wife, Melania, and Pope Francis.

If you will recall, the photo Trump has with the pope is not the most flattering of the pontiff. Basically, Francis looks furious.

Liberals everywhere were elated to point out that this must be a sign that the pope hates Donald Trump and that he couldn’t even bring himself to smile in his presence.

The real answer is a great deal more simple than that — the pope just makes that face. All the time.

Check out the above side-by-side of Trump’s photo and that of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. They’re very nearly identical. In fact, the picture that the pope took with former president Barack Obama looked similar, as well — and that was before the picture with the Trumps! Check out the Fox News coverage proving it:

But… But… Obama is a good liberal! How could the pope look so sad?

Once again, we see the liberal media’s open and outrageous bias against the Trump family exacerbated to the point where truth is optional.

No, Trump did not so deeply trouble the pope that he had to scowl in the picture being circulated all over the place.

That’s just how the guy looks in pictures with leaders.

You’d better believe the liberal media is not going to harp on this too long.

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