They Did it! California Manages to Pass the Bill We All Hoped Would Never Become a Reality

They Did it California Manages to Pass the Bill We All Hoped Would Never Become a Reality

What is it with California?

Maybe with more people comes more stupidity? That could explain New York, too.

Just the other day there was a story about Sacramento paying gangbangers to not kill people. Wow.

You’d think the Golden State couldn’t get anymore stupid than that, right?

Well, they’re not done just yet…

The California state senate passed a bill Thursday that would prevent landlords from reporting suspected illegal immigrant tenants to federal authorities.

The Immigrant Tenant Protection Act, introduced by Democratic Assemblyman David Chiu of San Francisco, broadly prohibits housing discrimination on the basis of immigration status. The measure also specifically bars landlords from reporting or threatening to report information about their tenant to immigration authorities as way to force that person to vacate the housing.

As with most immigration-focused bills coming out of the California statehouse, the bill’s sponsor says it is necessary to shield illegal immigrants against the Trump administration’s tough immigration enforcement.

Good golly.

You can’t even turn over criminals these days? What is wrong with these progressive freakshows?

Why are illegals treated better than Americans? Why do lefties hate so much the country that has given them everything?

Talk about aggravating.

The problem with the left is that they want to make America Mexico again.

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