Cali LGBT “Travel Ban” Is Ignored

Cali LGBT Travel Ban Is Ignored

While President Donald Trump’s travel ban has been in the news a lot recently, another form of “travel ban” has also made waves. Recently, California attempted to “ban” state employees from traveling to states it has deemed to have passed legislation against the LGBT community.

But there’s a nasty surprise liberals won’t want to talk about. It turns out that Democrats in California can’t even follow the spirit of their own law. Democrat California state Sen. Ricardo Lara, among others, is traveling to Texas, one of the blacklisted states, to participate in the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO), The Los Angeles Times reported.

To be fair, it doesn’t appear that these California Democrats are actually violating the letter of law — but they’re certainly trampling all over the spirit of it. The law states that no state funds can be used to travel to the blacklisted states. Lara claims that he is using his own personal funds for the trip.

The states that are banned under the law are Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota and Texas.

West Hollywood Mayor Pro Tem John Duran is also traveling to the conference. The ban does not apply to Duran as he is not a state employee, but the optics are still pretty bad.

CNN reported that the ban contains exceptions if “travel is required to maintain grant funding or licensure, or for auditing and revenue collection purposes.”

Of course it would. The good ole’ liberals in California don’t want you spending taxpayer money to travel to a state — unless you’re going to there to collect more money for them — in which case go right ahead!

It’s hard for people to take California’s pathetic “travel ban” seriously if even Democrats are ignoring the ban and traveling to these supposedly horrible states.

The San Fransisco Chronicle reported that the travel ban would also impact “intercollegiate athletic teams” by impacting where they are allowed to play and who they could recruit to their teams.

It may be hard for California to try to ban kids from playing sports in other states if they can’t even really stop their own politicians from traveling across state lines.

Once again Democrats have shown their hypocrisy. They pretend to take a stand for some grand principal, but at the end of the day they can’t even follow through on their own actions.


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