Budweiser Just Issued A Statement Regarding The NFL Protests

Budweiser Just Issued A Statement Regarding The NFL Protests

After the tensions rose following Trump’s speech criticizing NFL players who protested the anthem and disrespected our nation and all the values, many conservatives were outraged, and among them is one major NFL sponsor, Budweiser. The company has issued a statement what the liberals won’t like it for sure.

Budweiser recently came forward and responded to Mike Flynn Jr’s worries regarding the players who dishonor the American flag by refusing to stand up during the national anthem.

Budweiser owners believe the National Anthem is something that the company is proud of, and they are planning to discuss with NFL for their recent actions that have brought a lot of negative attention.

They also said that the company has been supporting veterans, military dependents and armed forces for a long time now, which shows why the company feels so irritated by the disrespect the league is demonstrating.

Many American also feel the same way and they show it by burning their NFL shirts, season tickets, not showing up to games and even avoiding the games on TV, which brought NFL the lowest ratings since 1980. And seeing how the liberal media avoids announcements like this one, it is up to us to spread it.

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