Brutal kick leaves MMA fighter frozen, knocked out on his feet

Brutal kick leaves MMA fighter frozen knocked out on his feet

Samuel Rogers participated in the first, and possibly last, MMA fight of his career last week.

You wouldn’t blame Rogers for having second thoughts of ever climbing back into the cage after Samuel Ilnicki destroyed him with a single kick.

Rogers’ body just completey froze on its way to collapsing to the ground. The fact that Ilnicki begins to pray for his opponent right after he gets knocked out tells you just how devastating the kick was.

The additional slow-mo replays show just how deadly the head-kick was and Rogers’ injuries likely didn’t stop with the blow. You can see him fall head first into the mat which can’t be good for his head or neck.

There also appeared to be something that flew out of Rogers’ mouth when Ilnicki made contact. It wouldn’t be surprising if he lost a tooth in the process of getting knocked out and driving his neck into the mat.

The kick ended the fight and Rogers’ first MMA contest. Per, the fight ended at 2:34 in the first round, and it was a middleweight bout for Golden Ticket Fight Promotions.

We don’t have an update on Rogers, but after the fight Ilnicki took to Twitter to thank Golden Ticket Promotions for allowing him to be a part of the card.

Ilnicki has also made his Twitter profile picture a photo of the ref raising his hand in victory after the fight.

Some MMA fans took to Twitter to proclaim Ilnick’s head-kick to be the knockout of the year. Here are some of the other unofficial finalists for the award.

There’s no word on what Ilnicki has lined up for his next fight. But this viral video is the best kind of organic promotion he could ask for.

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