Breaking: U.S. Nuclear Plant Hacked

US Nuclear Plant Hacked

The computer system in at least one U.S. nuclear power plant was compromised by a cyber attack, ABC News reported Wednesday.

A source told the news outlet that federal authorities were investigating the hack, which authorities termed an “ongoing matter.” While no suspected culprit has been named, investigators are looking into the possibility that a foreign government was behind it.

ABC News reported, however, there is “no evidence that any particularly sensitive or operational systems were breached” but that “only a less sensitive, business-associated side was compromised in at least one breach detected over recent months.”

Furthermore, the hack didn’t manage to engage the attention of the public safety alert systems at either the Nuclear Regulatory Commission or the International Atomic Energy Agency, meaning that it was likely a low risk level breach.

However, the unnamed plant may not be the only one affected. On Tuesday, industry website E&E News reported that the cyber attack has affected “multiple nuclear power generation sites this year.”

“There is no evidence that the nuclear energy industry’s highly regulated safety systems were compromised. But any cybersecurity breach — targeted or not — at closely guarded U.S. nuclear reactors marks an escalation of hackers’ probes into U.S. critical infrastructure,” the report read.

Any sort of breach at nuclear power plants, however, has to be treated with the utmost seriousness, no matter what part of the computer system it may have been on. The possibility that it was from a foreign government — especially if it’s from a government like China, Russia or North Korea — is a very frightening one.

A nuclear meltdown would be one of the biggest disasters that could possibly befall America, possibly taking more lives than 9/11 did. If there is any chance that our systems are at risk, our country needs to act and we need to act fast.

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