Breaking: Sessions Just Destroyed College Snowflakes With Epic Free Speech Announcement

Sessions Just Destroyed College Snowflakes With Epic Free Speech Announcement

In a bombshell speech delivered Tuesday at the Georgetown University Law Center, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced plans to combat the erosion on free speech on college campuses throughout the nation.

“Starting today, the Department of Justice will do its part in this struggle,” he said, according to a Time magazine transcript. “We will enforce federal law, defend free speech, and protect students’ free expression from whatever end of the political spectrum it may come.”

Thank God. For years now free speech has been dying a slow death on campuses because of political correctness run amok — a point Sessions spoke about in earlier parts of his speech.

“The American university was once the center of academic freedom — a place of robust debate, a forum for the competition of ideas,” he said. “But it is transforming into an echo chamber of political correctness and homogenous thought, a shelter for fragile egos.”

To prove this point he cited example after example of out-of-control protesters “routinely shutting down speeches and debates across the country in an effort to silence voices that insufficiently conform with their views.”

Earlier this year at Middlebury College in Vermont, for instance, student protesters chased political scientist Dr. Charles Murray and his left-wing debate partner, Middlebury’s own left-leaning professor Allison Stanger, off stage and to their cars.

During the horrifying altercation, Stanger wound up suffering an injury to her neck for which she later received a neck brace, according to The Atlantic.

But that’s nothing compared to what happened in California. Students protesters at the University of California, Berkeley, literally rioted in February in response to a planned speech by right-leaning commentator Milo Yiannopoulos.

Yiannopoulos’s speech wound up being canceled because of this nonsense.

As Sessions made clear in his remarks on Tuesday, this garbage has to stop.

“I call upon universities to stand up against those who would silence free expression by violence or other means on their campuses … University officials and faculty must defend free expression boldly and unequivocally,” he said.

“That means presidents, regents, trustees and alumni as well. A national re-commitment to free speech on campus is long overdue. And action to ensure First Amendment rights is overdue.”


Listen to his full speech below:

Spoiled-rotten college snowflakes best beware, because their days of using violence, intimidation and manipulation to force those with whom they disagree into silence are coming to an end, and there’s not a single thing they can do to stop it.

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