BREAKING: OBAMA Horrified! Prisoners Just Exposed His Dirty Secret!

BREAKING OBAMA Horrified Prisoners Just Exposed His Dirty Secret

During the 8 long years of his term, Former President Obama used every possible opportunity to exploit the slave narrative into his agenda.

This was one of his favorite topics since it gave him the chance to portray our Founding fathers and our Constitution as some horrible things .

Reportedly, bringing a war race to the country isn’t Obama’s only crime however, his political policies brought back slave auctions to Africa as well. Today, thanks to him, Libya has been entirely invaded by black Arab Muslims.

A sickening story has now come to light that reveals Barrack’s Muslim-led ‘slave ring’ that will shatter his stained legacy.

During the time of his leadership, he continually condemned the Constitution as a legal document, that according to him was obviously “stained by this nation’s original sin of slavery”.

His hatred towards our country was nourished by his radical anti-Semitic and anti-American mentors. He employed this excuse to justify the massacres by Black Lives Matter terrorists, while the nation remembers how he welcomed their leaders to the White House only days after they slaughtered 5 Dallas police officers.

Ironically enough, after using America’s slavery as a foundation of a race war, he ends up revealed as the cause of slavery in Africa.

A report from Shoebat says:

Thousands of stories have emerged about Muslims in Libya kidnapping black African people and selling them into slavery. According to a recent report, dozens of men from Nigeria were just freed from slavery, and they have testified that while in captivity they were raped, tied with barbed wire and forced to drink from toilets while performing brutal labor before they were to be sold as slaves to another owner.

Akhanene, a man who managed to get out, recalled the experience :“They come to our caravans [cells], they pick six persons to do their dirty jobs, to do farming, brick-laying work,” adding “They give us out to their friends. They don’t pay us. It’s just hard labor. If you’re not fast with your job, you get beaten.”

Mac Agheyere, another man, described how he was held restrained in bondage by his boss, and when he refused to work without payment he was brutally beaten and dragged back to the prison. He said “He beat me with an iron bar,” … “They took barbed wire and tied my hands and my feet and threw me inside a car and took me back to prison.”

Another report from Canada Free press stated: “The first black president, who had allied with hate groups such as Black Lives Matter that accused America of genocide, had made possible an actual genocide of black people by his Arab Muslim allies.”

After Obama invaded Libya to aid the Muslim Brotherhood, black slaves are being sold there once more.

Videos show black people being put up for sale for as little as $400 by Arab Libyan Muslim slave traders. The black men being sold as slaves are described as “big strong boys for farm work.”

After years of lecturing Americans about the “original sin” of slavery, Obama brought it back

Barack Obama’s Arab Spring empowered Islamist movements. As a result the outcome in the Middle East shows devastating facts about the hundreds of thousands dead. He illegally bombed Libya to help the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic groups in their quest for more power.

“The slave auction is ancient history in America. But Obama’s Islamist alliance brought it back to Africa.”
Now Libya is facing a second civil war as a result of Obama’s “Arab Spring” that he is so proud of. Islamists are spreading terror and chaos in the Middle East, introducing slavery into Africa.

The black people are being abused and terrorized by their own race. Imagine the anger they must be feeling toward their fellow African American who put them in this mess.

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