Breaking: Obama Finds Sick Way to Screw Over Seattle Cops

Obama Finds Sick Way to Screw Over Seattle Cops

On Tuesday, a federal appeals court unanimously upheld a 2012 Obama-era regulation by ruling that police officers in Seattle can only use force “proportional” to the threat they face. This severely puts lives in danger by damaging Seattle Police Department officer’s ability and right to use firearms when facing threats.

The policy states that officers shall only use “objectively reasonable force, proportional to the threat or urgency of the situation,” the Associated Press reported.

The policy also requires that officers use deescalation techniques if it is safe to do so. However, with the threats are officers are up against, that’s rarely a safe option.

The outlet noted that 125 officers challenged the policy and sued in order to retain their rights to protect their lives, saying that this policy unreasonably restricts their Second Amendment right.

“Aside from evidence that officers are hesitating and/or failing to use appropriate and lawfully justified force to address threats safely and effectively, there is evidence of a dramatic decrease in proactive police work to investigate and stop crime,” the officer’s case argued, as reported by The Seattle Times.

However, a three-judge panel dismissed their case, upholding the Seattle Police Department policy this week. “The panel held that the city has a significant interest in regulating the use of guns by police officers, and the policy does not restrict the officers’ Second Amendment rights,” the AP reported.

The paralyzing effect this policy has on an officer’s ability to use his firearm could be the difference between life and death. Somehow, it seems people forget that police are people too. They are Americans with the same rights as all of us — and a family they want to go home to every night.

How could this be lost on this three-judge panel? Because of a liberal agenda that seeks to disarm police and strip them of the ability to do their job effectively.

This regulation carried over from the Obama administration is truly sickening, and it’s no wonder why these cops would be afraid to do their jobs.

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