Breaking: New Hidden Cam CNN Vid… Americans Are “Stupid as S***”

New Hidden Cam CNN Vid Americans Are Stupid as S

CNN cannot seem to catch a break — and with good reason.

A new hidden camera video released from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas showed Jimmy Carr, the associate producer for CNN’s “New Day,” attacking President Donald Trump and calling American voters “stupid as s***.”

When asked by an unidentified person who was recording him if it would would be fair to question the intellect of the American voter,” Carr responded, “Oh no. They’re stupid as s***.”

Carr also had some damning things to say about president Donald Trump.

“On the inside, we all recognize he is a clown, that he is hilariously unqualified for this, he’s really bad at this, and that he does not have America’s best interests … We recognize he’s just f***ing crazy,” he said.

He also claimed Trump isn’t actually a Republican.

“He just adopted that because that was the party he thought he could win in. He doesn’t believe anything that these people believe.”

Carr then got personal and pointed out that Trump was “on his third wife.”

“I guarantee you he’s paid for abortions. He doesn’t give a s*** about abortion. He doesn’t care about gay marriage. He doesn’t even really care about the budget.”

The producer then said that 90 percent of those working at CNN believe Trump is crazy.

The video is the fourth segment in Project Veritas’s “American Pravda” series in which O’Keefe attempts to uncover the bias of the mainstream media, particularly CNN.

And that he does.

Earlier in the week, he released a video in which a CNN producer admitted that the Trump/Russia collusion narrative is “mostly bulls***.” Another video caught CNN leftist host Van Jones calling the Russia narrative a “nothing burger.”

With employees who spout this kind of hatred, it’s no surprise CNN is losing rating and viewers.

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