Breaking: Huge Shift in Trump Poll Numbers

Huge Shift in Trump Poll Numbers

Despite an endless barrage of negative media coverage, a brand new poll indicates President Donald Trump’s approval ratings have soared.

Trump’s approval ratings have improved to 46 percent, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll. Fifty-three percent of voters disapprove of the job Trump has done thus far.

The same poll found that 41 percent of the American people approved of Trump’s job as president in August, showing that he has jumped five points.

The Rasmussen poll also shows that 29 percent strongly approve of how Trump has been performing, which can likely be attributed to how well his administration has handled a variety of major issues and events in the past few weeks.

While liberals remain fixated on trivial issues, the Rasmussen poll is indicative of how well the president has responded to devastating events harming our country.

When Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc across southeast Texas in August, Trump made two trips to the state, worked tirelessly with state and local officials to expedite recovery efforts, and made helping everyone affected a top priority for his administration.

Ahead of Hurricane Irma threatening Florida and bringing catastrophic damage with it over the weekend, Trump applied the same strategy and made it clear his administration would do everything in its power to help all those affected by the storm.

Trump’s improved approval ratings also likely stemmed from his continued efforts to quell a hostile North Korea apparently determined to launch nuclear missiles at the United States and its allies.

Trump suggested that the U.S. didn’t want to use military force, but indicated the aggressive behavior from North Korea would not be tolerated for much longer.

“Hopefully, we’re not going to have to use it on North Korea,” he added.

Trump has issued a series of statements in the past several months in regards to North Korea, including a declaration that he would not hesitate to rain down “fire and fury” against the regime should it provoke the U.S. or its allies.

The noticeable trend in the new poll reveals that Americans strongly approve of Trump when he remains focused on his agenda and the big ticket items that won him the election.

So long as the president remains committed to building the border wall, destroying the Islamic State group, creating jobs, growing the economy, and putting Americans first, his approval ratings will continue to rise.

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