Breaking: Giuliani Issues Massive Comey Statement, No Trump Response Yet

Giuliani Issues Massive Comey Statement No Trump Response Yet

When President Donald Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey, one of the first names floated as a potential replacement was former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a staunch Trump supporter who had previously served as a U.S. attorney, according to Newsweek.

Giuliani quickly put that rumor to rest, and while it is highly unlikely that he will be the next head of the FBI, he is no less supportive of Trump and made it clear in recent remarks that he is more inclined to believe Trump over Comey in regard to any controversy stemming from the termination.

TMZ reported exclusively on Giuliani’s latest commentary that was caught on film as a reporter intercepted him Sunday at an entrance to the Los Angeles International Airport. The reporter grilled him with pointed questions regarding the firing of Comey, asking if he still supported Trump or would call for impeachment if the alleged “Comey memo” proved to be true.

“I support the president, he’s one of my closest friends, I’ve known him for 28 years and he’s an extraordinarily gifted, an extremely honest man and I have complete confidence in him,” Giuliani said.

The reporter pressed about the purported allegations of interference in the unseen Comey memo, but Giuliani just shrugged and replied that he had learned to not answer hypothetical questions.

The former mayor and U.S. attorney was then asked who he trusted more, Trump or Comey, to which he reiterated, “I have complete confidence in the president of the United States.”

Giuliani then proceeded to insinuate that the media was ignoring the accomplishments and other good things achieved thus far in Trump’s administration and urged the media to “give him a break” instead of focusing on negative innuendo and non-scandals.

The reporter indignantly retorted that it wasn’t the media driving the scandals or Trump’s poor approval ratings — though one could easily argue the approval ratings are most certainly affected by the predominately negative media coverage — and insisted that Trump was at the center of a supposed criminal investigation in the Comey matter, an assertion Giuliani flatly denied.

After arguing momentarily with the reporter who refused to accept his explanation, Giuliani abruptly turned and entered the airport, ending the brief interview.

Giuliani knows quite a bit about the law, as well as Trump and Comey, and made it quite clear that should he have to choose between the two, it really wouldn’t be a choice at all.

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