BREAKING: FBI Discovers Massive Dem Corruption Scandal, Top Dems Indicted

FBI Discovers Massive Dem Corruption Scandal Top Dems Indicted

The Democrats’ massive network of pay-to-play scandals is starting to collapse as the FBI starts making high-profile arrests.

Two Democrat mayors from Pennsylvania were indicted Wednesday during a massive FBI probe into the latest Democrat pay-to-play scandal, Fox News reported.

Allenton Mayor Ed Pawlowski was charged with 14 counts related to the pay-to-play scheme in addition to more than 40 other counts, including fraud, extortion, bribery, and misleading an FBI agent.

Former Reading Mayor Vaughn Spencer was also charged with multiple counts of bribery, conspiracy, and fraud in along with three other public officials.

The two mayors, “essentially put up a ‘for sale’ sign in front of their city halls to sell city work to the highest bidder,” explained Louis Lappen, the US Attorney for Eastern Pennsylvania.

In one of the pay-to-play scams, Mayor Pawlowski directed city officials to award a contract collecting delinquent city taxes to a company providing “a steady stream of benefits” to the mayor.

The company was awarded the contract in 2013. In exchange, Mayor Pawlowski received campaign donations from the company, as well as Philadelphia Eagles tickets.

According to the indictment, Mayor Pawlowski was given playoff tickets and a dinner at an expensive steakhouse from the company he helped win the city contract.

Mayor Spencer, on the other hand, has been accused of more than merely accepting gifts in exchange for favorable city contracts. In addition to rewarding beneficial contracts, Spencer is accused of changing the law to support a company who donated to his wife’s judgeship campaign.

Ironically, Spencer requested the president of the Reading City Council to introduce legislation repealing an anti-corruption law. The Reading mayor attempted to amend the Code of Ethics, allowing him to enrich himself further.

The reality of corrupt liberal mayors isn’t surprising given the massive corruption in Democrat leadership. The Leftist’s party has been implicated in major pay-to-play and corruption scandals across decades.

If Democrat presidential candidates can get away with accepting millions in “donations” from companies while awarding favorable contracts, then why can’t lowly mayors? Hillary Clinton and others have lowered the bar for corrupt Democrats.

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  1. I’ve sometimes considered what it must be like to be a democrat voter. I’ve wondered what sort of mindset it must take to ignore reality and vote for criminals, murderers, extortionists, rapists, pedophiles and traitors simply because they believe they will trickle down some of their illicit gains to their groveling supporters.

    What must it be like to sell out your country, your children’s future and your own soul simply because you think there may be something in it for you? Given a choice, what must it be like to willingly enslave yourself to a totalitarian tyrannical government for some false perceived promise from a political party that has never delivered anything of any value to anyone and never will? What must it be like to be a purveyor of ignorance, envy and greed?

    How must it feel pledging your allegiance to the party of the KKK and Jim Crow laws? What must one have to do to their own souls to align themselves to these ‘institutions’ that will lie, cheat, steal, murder or commit any fraud or atrocity to further their agenda. Perhaps they reason that by voting for the highest level of perversion and deviancy in their ‘leaders’ that somehow liberals exonerate themselves from their own depraved behavior. Pray tell, I shall never know because it’s not possible for anyone that lives in reality land to ever understand the bizarre aberrant thought processes of the depraved left.

    All you have to do is look at the subterranean caliber of the demonic-rat representatives and you know what level of human ignorance is electing them. Sadly, they truly do represent the desires of their constituents. That is the truly sick and frightening part of the equation.