Breaking: DirecTV Delivers Devastating News to NFL

DirecTV Delivers Devastating News to NFL

If you really want to get someone’s attention, hit them where they feel it: Their wallet.

That’s exactly what many football fans are doing to the NFL in the wake of the growing disrespect by players during the national anthem.

In an unprecedented turn of events, one of the biggest premium TV providers in the nation has just made a stunning announcement: They’re providing full refunds to customers who cancel their NFL Sunday Ticket packages because of the protests.

The ESPN network — hardly a bastion of conservatism — confirmed on Tuesday evening that DirecTV is altering its own policy which normally prevents package cancellations after a sports season has started, and will return the full amount of money for any viewer who wants to cancel their NFL bundle.

Those viewership packages allow die-hard sports fans to watch games that are outside their local viewing area, and run about $280 per season.

DirecTV’s surprising move came after President Donald Trump spoke out about professional players who kneel or make other disrespectful gestures during the national anthem.

Over the weekend, one team refused to even leave the locker room or face the United States flag while the anthem played, while dozens of players acted out in other ways.

Unsurprisingly to anybody but the league, red-blooded Americans were not happy.

“At some stadiums, fans booed the players. Others took to Twitter to say they were canceling their Sunday Ticket subscriptions,” ESPN reported.

It seems like tone-deaf liberals — including millionaire sports players who believe everything is about themselves — have completely lost touch with the rest of country.

Just like left-leaning news networks before them, sports leagues have been hiding in their own echo chambers for so long that they have no idea how frustrated millions of citizens are with their hurtful antics.

They’re about to have a serious wake-up call, and groups like the NFL will have no choice but take notice when their revenues begin deflating faster than a Tom Brady football.

Free speech does not shield people from the consequences of disrespectful and asinine actions. Now that one of the biggest broadcasters of football games is giving refunds, teams will re-think their priorities… and patriotic Americans will be the ones left standing tall.

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