Brave Trump Supporter Destroyed John McCain

Brave Trump Supporter Destroyed John McCain

Everyone knows by now that John McCain’s decision to vote against the Obama repeal bill has infuriated his Republican colleagues, the conservative journalists and also President Trump who called him “traitor.” And now McCain is also criticized by the people who were supporting the Obamacare repeal bill.

Apart of opposing the Obamacare repeal bill, McCain thought that the process was ‘flawed’ even though million people supported Trump’s decision last year during his campaign.

Aaron J. Carpenter expressed his disappointment just after McCain betrayed the American people with this vote. In the video he posted on Twitter, he wrote the caption that McCain disappointed his colleagues, but also the American nation.

He continued that all the struggles and discussions that lasted 8 years to revoke and replace the “biggest lie in American history” implying to Obamacare, has been blown off by McCain. In his opinion, McCain didn’t care for millions of people who didn’t have insurance for 8 long years because of the terrible Obamacare bill.

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