Brat Mouths Off To Border Patrol, Put In Her Place As He Pulls ‘Surprise’ From Vest [VIDEO]

Brat Mouths Off To Border Patrol Put In Her Place As He Pulls Surprise From Vest VIDEO

Here’s a lesson for every liberal loudmouth out there– don’t start a debate with US Border Patrol if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

A woman tried to tell US Border Patrol agents that they didn’t have the authority to stop her and ask her questions. So, one Border Patrol Officer pulled out a list of laws and court decisions which gave him the authority to do so.

Instead, she took the time to blow one simple question into an enormous snowflake tirade. The woman wasn’t even angry about what the officers were doing to her. She was outraged about the stories she’s heard from “teacher friends” about discrimination against their “kids” with “brown skin.” I doubt those stories are even true.

This woman still thinks she’s a hero. She had her child record her interaction with US Border Patrol, which lasted over a half hour. She then uploaded five videos of it to Facebook.

The willpower of these border agents is impressive. They remained polite even as the woman called them “Nazi brownshirts,” a military wing Hitler used to enforce his barbaric laws on German citizens.

It is illogical to compare border agents asking one question, to a military wing that brutalized people. This woman is out of her mind.

The two initial border agents walked away calmly, probably hoping the woman would cool off and admit her citizenship status. But, she didn’t, and they called in their supervisor. Two more US Border Patrol officers can also be seen trying to reason with the woman.

Eventually, she was released. The last video is no longer functioning, so who knows how this encounter ended. Perhaps the woman finally realized how ridiculous she looked and tried to take the videos down.

The border agents even took the time to pass along some wisdom. One agent made the point that you don’t argue with the Walmart stocker about the price of paper towels–you talk to the manager and those higher up on the chain.

In this case, there are a few lawmakers this woman could petition if she felt as though US Border Patrol stops away from the border are so wrong. In the meantime, the US Border Patrol will go on doing their job–humbly–of protecting us all, including this woman.

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