If You Have This Brand of Vehicle, 1 Smell Could Indicate Disaster

If You Have This Brand of Vehicle 1 Smell Could Indicate Disaster

An investigation has uncovered a horrifying trend of BMWs literally just bursting into flames for no legitimate reason whatsoever.

Performed by ABC News, the investigation “discovered dozens of incidents in which the luxury cars caught fire even though owners reported they had parked their cars and turned them off.” At least 40 such fires have broken out in parked BMWs across the nation within the past five years, and none of the vehicles had “open recalls for fire-related issues.”

One such fire broke out two years ago in a 2008 BMW X5 owed by Maryland resident Bill Macko and his wife. Upon returning home from a short drive, Macko’s wife parked the car, shut it off, entered their home and told her husband she had smelled something strange. When Macko went outside to check on the vehicle, according to ABC, he watched as it literally burst into flames.

To make matters worse, BMW reportedly gave Macko and his wife the cold shoulder.

“You’re at wit’s end — you don’t know what to do,” he told ABC News. I feel like I’m just tossed aside. You know, it’s just a number. And so, it’s disheartening, I guess, when you’re so loyal to a particular product or brand or whatever, and then you’re treated like this. Not even an apology.”

Let alone a recall.

To see the full investigative report by ABC News, play the video below:

Unfortunately for the apathetic car manufacturer, others have taken notice, including officials from Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety, and Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety. They have reportedly begun urging the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to intervene.

“They definitely should,” remarked CARS president Rosemary Shanan. “They should be investigating and getting documents from BMW and find out what’s going on.”

“There needs to be a more aggressive approach to look at this,” added Jackie Gillan, the president of AHAS.

BMW has since issued a statement expressing empathy for the victims, but arguing that it was the vehicles’ age that was responsible for the fires.

“In the few cases that we have inspected and are able to determine root cause, we have not seen any pattern related to quality or component failure,” the statement said. “Vehicle fires can result from a wide variety of external reasons unrelated to product defect.”

Gillian disagreed, stating, “(I)t does seem to me that there’s a pattern here and the agency should look into it.”

BMW drivers might not engender sympathy as a rule, especially from those who can’t afford the pricey vehicles, but no one deserves this kind of bad luck.

In the meantime, BMW owners should be careful with their vehicles.

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