BOYCOTT: MASSIVE Restaurant Chain Says Trump is “Disgusting President.”

BOYCOTT MASSIVE Restaurant Chain Says Trump is Disgusting President

It is unbelievable that there are still people who dare to insult President Trump.
He has proved over and over that he is way better than Barack Obama.

Apparently, McDonald’s doesn’t share the same opinion.

They went too far by sharing a tweet on their Twitter account insulting Trump and claiming that they would want Obama to be back in the office. As expected, the tweet couldn’t sustain how much offense it has inflicted and it had to be removed. However, there are some smart people who managed to take a print screen of the tweet. This tweet should be seen by the country and its nation.

As expected, trying to defend their reputation, McDonald’s claimed that their account was “hacked.” Nowadays, the easiest way to get out of a tough social media situation is to claim that your account was hacked.

However, the easiest way to interpret this situation is to assume that one of their staff members decided to share his political stance. If the assumption is true, the staff member needs to be fired immediately.

I believe that it would be worse if the tweet comes from a CEO or executive. If that is the case, then, that tweet represents McDonald’s as whole. This can lower their ratings and customers.

As for President Trump, he has done nothing wrong to McDonald’s and he has been a huge supporter of them. He even participated in one of their commercials. Also, on many occasions, he decided to dine at McDonald’s.

They went against the most important person in the country. Instead of having them on their side, they’ve probably just pushed him away. This is not good for their business at all. Hopefully, McDonald’s have learned the lesson. Open your eyes and try to realize what Trump is actually doing for the country. Stubbornness isn’t helping anyone.

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