Boom: Trump Publicly Fillets Schumer… “He Just Doesn’t Seem Like…”

Trump Publicly Fillets Schumer He Just Doesnt Seem Like

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has wanted a part of the action on health care reform ever since the American Health Care Act hit the upper chamber. So far, that hasn’t happened — and, if what President Donald Trump said Thursday is any indication, it’s not going to anytime soon.

In remarks to reporters, the president filleted the Senate minority leader publicly, saying that “he just doesn’t seem like a serious person” when it came to health care reform.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the remarks came as the president celebrated another 2016 underdog victor — namely, the Chicago Cubs, who last year won their first World Series since 1907.

Reporters asked the president about a proposal from Schumer that would have all 100 senators come to the White House for a summit on health care — a thinly veiled plot to obstruct the repeal and replacement of Obamacare if there ever was one.

“Would you be willing to negotiate with all of them?” a reporter asked.

That would depend on Schumer, Trump said.

“I’ve got to find out if he’s serious,” Trump responded. “He hasn’t been serious. Obamacare is such a disaster, such a wreck, and he wants to try and save something that’s really hurting a lot of people … It’d have to be very, very serious, and he’s done a lot of talking, bad talking, and he just doesn’t seem like a serious person.”

Of course, asking one Charles Ellis Schumer to be serious is kind of like asking him to stay away from a television camera: It’s not going to happen. However, after the president made his remarks, Schumer swore up and down on a copy of “The Audacity of Hope” that he and the Democrats were ready to get super-duper serious.

“I challenge them again, invite all of us to Blair House the first day we get back from recess. You think we’re not serious? Try us. Democrats are ready to turn the page on health care. When will my Republican friends realize it’s time for them to do the same?” Schumer said, according to The Hill.

“Mr. President, try me. The minute you make the invitation, we’ll take it in a very serious way. It’s not that audacious an idea,” he said.

No, it’s a stupid idea. Schumer is willing to vouchsafe that the Democrats are ready to turn the page, yet he’s a member of the party that wants to salvage the decaying shipwreck that is Obamacare. And to do it, he’s basically trying to use stall tactics. That’s the height of unseriousness, and I’m guessing that’s not going to change.

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