Boom: Huck Reveals Daughter Trained To Deal with Press by Parenting Pre-Schoolers

Huck Reveals Daughter Trained To Deal with Press by Parenting Pre-Schoolers

While White House press secretary Sean Spice has been fulfilling his Navy Reserve duty at the Pentagon, his deputy, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has been leading the daily press briefings, and her performance up against an abrasive and all-too-often incompetent media pool has been impressive.

Sanders’ father, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, recently revealed how his daughter was prepared for the role, and one of the ways was downright hilarious and embarrassing to the media.

“Daughter was prepared for WH press corps,” Huckabee tweeted on May 13. “(S)he has 3 pre-schoolers and used to dealing with the same questions over and over.”

In praising his daughter for her performance, the conservative firebrand also tweeted a picture of music star Lady Gaga wearing her infamous dress made of raw beef, noting that doing White House press briefings for President Donald Trump was like wearing the “meat dress” in a zoo cage with lions.

As for his daughter being able to remain calm and collected in a room full of people rooting for her and the Trump administration to fail, Huckabee explained that her years of political upbringing also played a major role.

“I always say that when most kids are seven or eight years old out jumping rope, she was sitting at the kitchen table listening to (political commentators) analyze poll results,” he told Fox News.

As a teenager, Sanders witnessed how the media were “hostile” and “brutal” when her father first became Arkansas governor in 1996 after Democrat Gov. Jim Guy Tucker was convicted of fraud.

“(Sanders) saw how utterly unfair and petty the press can be for even simple things,” Huckabee said. “So having grown up with that, I think people don’t understand — it’s not just that she presents a sort of sense of being beyond it; she really is. She’s seen it her whole life.”

In addition, Huckabee pointed to the fact that his daughter grew up with two older brothers as preparation for being “tough” behind the press room lectern.

“She grew up pretty doggone tough. She had to, as a matter of survival,” Huckabee said. “She’s got a very sweet heart, but she’s tough, and she can handle herself. She’s had to take all kinds of guff from her brothers, so she’s pretty fearless.”

As an adult, Sanders served as Mike Huckabee’s field director for his 2002 gubernatorial reelection campaign. During his 2008 presidential bid, she was her dad’s national political director, and in 2016 she ran his presidential campaign.

Now the roles have been reversed, as the former governor often counsels his daughter on the best way to approach her new position.

In fact, the two talk most mornings before 6 a.m. “I’ll call and say, ‘What do you think if I say this?’ He’ll say, ‘That’s really good. You might try to say it a little bit more like X,’” Sanders told The Associated Press in March.

While we’re all pleased with the excellent job Sanders has been doing in relaying important information from the White House and standing up to the liberal media, there’s likely no one more proud than her dad — someone who has also done his fair share of standing up to liberals.

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