Body Language Expert Evaluates LV Shooter’s Brother…Things Just Got Stranger

Body Language Expert Evaluates LV Shooters Brother Things Just Got Stranger

A body language specialist known by the professional handle “Bombard” published an extraordinary video to YouTube this week in which she provided some fascinating observations about the body language of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s younger brother, Eric.

In the video, Bombard examined footage that showed Eric Paddock speaking with reporters outside his home in Orlando on Tuesday, two days after his older brother committed suicide following a mass shooting in which he opened fire on a country music concert from the 32nd floor of a nearby hotel, killing 58 innocent men and women.

While some of Paddock’s behavior seemed perfectly normal, a lot of it didn’t, including his decision to speak with reporters again after having reportedly spoken with them a day earlier.

“I do question why a second interview … sometimes silence is golden,” Bombard remarked. “And this is definitely one of those times where you’ve said your peace — the rest of it is goldenly silence.”

Bombard, who is self-taught, according to her website, also found his “fake” sniffling to be odd. As she astutely pointed out, he wasn’t leaning his head back to allow “excess mucus to go down the back of his throat.”

“I”m not really hearing mucus buildup either,” she said.

Listen to her full analysis in the approximately 30-minute video below:

While there’s a lot to digest there, notice how he kept shaking throughout it: “Oh my goodness, he’s shaking. He’s shaking hardcore,” Bombard noted.

Also notice his exaggerated body movements and expressions. It all seemed so phony, don’t you think? For instance, did you notice how he was taken aback when the media asked if he felt as if his older brother had manipulated him?

But what really threw Bombast off was how hard Paddock seemed to try to elicit sympathy for his brother.

“I do not like where this is going … a funeral for Steve?” she said, referencing’s an absurd idea trotted out by Eric. “Does anyone else think this is a bad idea?”

I certainly do.

The most shocking observation, however, pertained to Paddock’s claims that he didn’t know why his brother did what he did.

“I do not believe that,” Bombard said. “I think he knows very well. Every time he goes into that, he goes stiff and he goes straight portrayal. It’s like that information you don’t want to confront your own mind, or that you feel will incriminate you.”

Wow. There are no doubt many twists ahead in the investigation of Stephen Paddock’s mass murder, observations like Bombard’s could well be borne out.

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