The BLM Urges Americans to Steer Clear of Buying from ‘White-Owned’ Christmas Businesses

The BLM Urges Americans to Steer Clear of Buying from White-Owned Christmas Businesses

The police force in America found itself putting up with tons of scrutiny, just because the liberals felt like it. Nevermind the fact they’re doing an awesome job for every citizen out there- the left wants them demolished.

Now, the Black Lives Matter, which hasn’t been exactly police-friendly thus far, is expecting to reach peace by enacting violence, which is an occurrence we’re very familiar with already.

As latest reports show, the BLM based in Los Angeles plans ‘black Xmas’ to resist ‘white capitalism.’

Interestingly enough, the Black Lives Matter is launching a “Black Xmas” project to encourage people to buy more items from black-based companies, in order to “resist white capitalism.”

Black Lives Matter Los Angeles asked people to take their money and invest it in the black community from Nov. 25 to Jan. 1. 2018. This initiative is set to diminish Trump’s leadership and eradicate capitalism this government is ‘representing.’

Take a look at how they plan to carry out the Black Xmas project:

We’re creating a #BlackXmas

No Spending with White corporations 11/24/2017 – 01/01/2018

#DIVEST from White corporations.

#INVEST in Black community.

If you must buy, #BUYBLACK

Go to for links to Black-owned businesses and download “Official” Black Wall Street and MyClickUrban to your mobile device for mapped businesses and Black events.

Donald Trump embodies White capitalism. If you are anti-Trump, you should hold back your resources from him and the like.

BUILD NEW TRADITIONS: Donate to Black-led community-based organizations in the name of your loved ones as holiday gifts.

How totally not racist of them! Sheesh.

“Rather than lining the pockets of Trump and other White-supremacist capitalists, donate to Black-led organizations that are building new, liberatory structures in our communities,” wrote Abdullah back in 2016.

Trump was also defined as the root of the problem as well as a person who “embodies White capitalism.” On the webpage, there was a list provided, containing all nonprofits and organizations eligible for donations. Based on the list, the site is asking of Americans to shop in a way that they can also donate to those in need.

This is not the first Black Christmas initiative, with others taking place earlier in San Francisco and Minneapolis in 2015. The same year, there were 9 people arrested in L.A. alone, regarding disturbance of traffic on all major roads. Also last year, around 65 people gathered to sing “protest carols” containing anti-Trump lyrics at the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes in Los Angeles.

According to the site, the St. Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency called upon agents willing to create protests and bring imbalance to the country prior to the 2016 elections.

Conrad James of the Raleigh nonprofit Living Ultra-Violet was one of the four on-site men, who later noted they were aware the Russians were playing house.

As James explained, he was approached by BlackMattersUS and was asked to speak at a rally, in light of the September 2016 police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, resulting in a two-day-long protest.

“I thought it was a knockoff of Black Lives Matter,” James told BuzzFeed, but its website appeared legitimate.

How do you feel about BLM’s Black Christmas idea?

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