BLM Protesters Lose Control in a Hotel, Demolish the Place Completely [VIDEO]

BLM Protesters Lose Control in a Hotel Demolish the Place Completely VIDEO

St.Louis went on boycott parade, as soon as the police officer who was accused of shooting an African-American drug dealer, had all charges against him dropped.

The boycott soon escalated into a massive hostility and lasted all throughout the night, but has split into smaller groups of protesters shortly after.

One of the BLM groups of rioters took to a nearby intersection, blocking it, and moving on in front of a hotel to continue their protests.

Addressing economic issues for some reason, the group chanted  “No justice, no profits!” and penetrated the building’s hallways, creating general chaos and provoking an unsettling sensation to everyone there.

Authorities determined to handle the incident accordingly asked the group to cease any activity planned and t leave the premises at once.

In the video below, you can notice the rebels bothering hotel guests and banging on doors in order to impose intimidation.

This wasn’t the first protest in the area, though. Days earlier, another BLM group took to another park and carried on towards Galleria mall closing off intersections and maltreating people in the area.

Carlos Belton, who works as a barber at the mall, stated the demonstrations made him late for work, costing him potential business and, of course, money. “That’s gas in my car, that’s groceries, food for my family, every penny counts for me especially being a single father.”

Just as you started to think no violence of serious proportions was included in the protests, reports dropped a story of an aggressive group that trashed police union headquarters at the beginning of the week.

Namely, the headquarters of the St. Louis Police Officers’ Association suffered a major inventory loss, as pieces of window glass made it on the floor, while the walls were sprayed and a vehicle in the area was destroyed.

“Here’s your peaceful protests,” union business manager Jeff Roorda stated, adding, “They’re trying to intimidate us.”

In addition, Roorda clarified the protests began as it was revealed his group was donating money and supplies such as water and food to officers and their families. “They don’t want us rendering aid and comfort to our members and they are retaliating against our charitable efforts,” he explained. “They’ve declared war on the police. There have been 32 officers injured, bricks thrown at cops.”

The BLM’s doings are nowhere near acceptable, but it looks like this won’t change their mind. Solution? Carry out sanctions more severe than those enforced p until now, and let’s see what happens.

America doesn’t deserve this.

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