Black Woman Goes after a Veteran in Restaurant After She Notices What He has with Him [VIDEO]

Black Woman Goes after a Veteran in Restaurant After She Notices What He has with Him VIDEO

The Internet got overwhelmed by a recently published video in which a female troublemaker went out to eat with her family. The woman engaged in a full-blown attack once she noticed a veteran eating at the same venue.

The video is most likely set in Montana and we can see Bill Austin going out for a dinner in a local restaurant along with his family. It all went south very quickly afterward, but one of his guardians stepped up to the plate.

Now, YouTube users can witness the video where a she-thug confronted the family without any warning. The problem she had was the fact that Bill had something right beside him at the time, which caused the public to stand in his defense and praise him.

As you can see in the video, what Bill had brought with him to the diner was his service animal, called “JP.” The Great Dane was quietly sitting beside his owner, after serving him for years at the National Guard. His owner was diagnosed with PTSD after doing his service.

The man suffered as a result: “He’s hyper-vigilant,” says his wife, Janet Austin. “He has to sit with his back to the wall, and he doesn’t like to be in crowded spaces. If someone comes up behind him, he turns in a protective posture to see what you’re up to.”

The woman fell as low as she could as to attacks the man for bringing his dog to the restaurant, where she was planning to eat.

Pets have broken the taboo a very long time ago, so for this woman to step out like this is simply appalling.

Not even the staff tried or succeeded in stopping the woman and preventing this melodrama. The woman dropped several curses, using words like“wh*re” and “b*tch” while addressing Bill’s better halves.

The woman also had a child with her once the incident kicked off. All the while, Bill, and his family tried to stay composed and rational, giving the woman no reason to explode in any way.

The woman was somewhat forced out of the restaurant, which is ultimately the right thing to do.

The internet erupted in criticism, and several users even clearly exclaimed that if the restaurant hadn’t stood on Bill’s side, the consequences would have been inevitable. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects people like Bill and their service animals from discrimination with a maximum civil penalty for the first violation of $75,000. It’s just too bad this thug couldn’t be held to the same standard and made pay for her misdeeds.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is the one taking care of veterans and their service animals from any kind of attack, even discrimination. The penalty for threatening a veteran is $75,000. But, this woman will get away with murder and manage to avoid paying for her deed.

One thing is definite, though- no bullying of this kind should be permitted or accepted, and we are looking forward to seeing this woman or those like her brought to justice.  What we should do is honor our veterans every chance we get.

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