Black Survivor Breaks Into Tears When Meets His White Cop Rescuer… Hope in America is Restored [VIDEO]

Black Survivor Breaks Into Tears When Meets His White Cop Rescuer Hope in America is Restored VIDEO

The Las Vegas concert shooting left America in devastation and horror, but the story on Jonathan Smith, who attended the event, captured everyone’s hearts.

Once the shooting started, SMith pulled his family out of the fire rain, upon which he returned and tried to help strangers run towards safety as well. As reports stated he managed to save the lives of 30 people.

As he was getting victims out of the shooting site he got hit in the neck and the arm, courtesy of flying bullets nearby.

Smith spoke with CNN’s Erin Burnett and recalled the happenings from that night. Burnett had nothing but praise for Smith, although he assured her he is not a hero, but a plain man who wanted to help out like anyone else would.

It wasn’t long after that Burnett gave Smith the surprise of a lifetime, and introduced him to the man that saved him.

The man behind the rescue was Las Vegas police officer Tom McGrath. Take a look at the eye-watering video below:

McGrath explained to Burnett that Smith’s doings were “extraordinary.”

Furthermore, Smith noted he was left mute as McGrath began to spoke, unsure of what to say next.

Smith acknowledged that McGrath stood by him until he was safe and well, and he even placed his finger inside the wound to cease the bleeding.

“Officer McGrath — who I now consider as a brother … It didn’t matter what race I was, it doesn’t matter what race anybody was at that time — all we see was a human life.”

The two men share a connection that can’t ever be lost. If Democrats were not so pushy on the racism issue, blaming conservatives about everything, America might have had more men like them. We are all God’s children and should value life before anything else.

This time around it wasn’t about race or the color of your skin or prejudices- it was about Americans helping Americans and having the country’s safety into consideration. And that’s a wonderful sight to see.

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