Black Man Caught on Video in Fake Hate Crime Attack on Church

Black Man Caught on Video in Fake Hate Crime Attack on Church

Over the past year or two, the media has paid an inordinate amount of attention to alleged “hate crimes” with the thinly-veiled purpose of blaming such crimes on white supremacy, supporters of President Donald Trump and, of course, Trump himself.

But upon closer inspection, many of these alleged “hate crimes” turned out to be fake and had been perpetrated by the supposed victims. In those instances, the media quickly loses interest and moves on.

Such appears to be the case in a recent situation in New Jersey. The Daily Wire reported on a string of vandalism attacks that targeted five predominately black churches in the Morristown area, in which signs and even a stained-glass window were broken.

There was an initial uproar by the left — obviously these attacks were carried out by racist Trump supporters, some said — and Governor-elect Phil Murphy took to Twitter to display his disgust with the “cowardly acts.”

But not much has been said now that the actual perpetrator of the crimes has been discovered, having been caught in the act by a surveillance camera on one of the churches he vandalized.

That is most likely because the vandal was not a white supremacist Trump supporter at all, but a local black man who used to attend one of the churches that was attacked. reported that 45-year-old Zuri C. Towns was arrested Sunday in relation to the string of attacks that occurred late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

Towns has been charged with one count of third-degree criminal mischief and four counts of fourth-degree criminal mischief for his vandalism. He will not be charged with any sort of “hate crime” violation, as authorities reached the determination that there was no “bias” implicit in his actions.

“As a result of the investigation, no evidence was obtained that would indicate this was a bias incident which legally requires purpose to intimidate a person or group based upon their protected class,” a news release from law enforcement authorities stated.

Congregants of the targeted churches were understandably nervous at first, some reportedly even too fearful to attend Sunday services.

However, that all changed after the Church of God in Christ for All Saints reviewed their surveillance footage during the time frame in question and discovered that they had caught the vandal in the act of throwing a rock at their windows.

The man in the video was later identified as Towns, who lived in the immediate area near the churches.

He was ultimately taken into custody and admitted to what he had done after being questioned by the police.

Once again, we see that a purported series of “hate crimes” ginned up by liberals and the media turned out to be fake and a hoax.

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