Black Lives Matter Group Announces Plans for ‘Black Xmas’

Black Lives Matter Group Announces Plans for Black Xmas

Always count on the BLM to go above and beyond in order to conduct their anti-American agenda. As we now learned, the L.A.- based Black Lives Matter is planning to protest ‘white’ businesses in light of holiday season. The money will later be intended for investments within the black community.

“No Spending with White corporations 11/24/2017 – 1/01/2018,” the “Black Xmas” website wrote.

The effort to boycott every product and service from ‘white’ businesses is a direct hit against President Donald Trump and his alleged “White capitalism” connections.

“We’re dreaming of a #BlackXmas…where folks withhold dollars from White capitalism and use resources to #BuildBlackCommunity,” the group tweeted Sunday. “Instead of spending, DONATE to a Black organization as a holiday gift for your loved ones or #BuyBlack. Go to for more.”

Black Lives Matter professor of Pan-African studies Dr. Melina Abdullah explained the idea behind these protests in a detailed op-ed.

“This season, more than all others, Black Lives Matter is asking people to wake up, to be conscious of our own economic power, and to protest — not just in the streets — but in the malls,” Abdullah wrote. “Black Lives Matter is dreaming of and building for a #BlackXMas, where we divest from White corporations and invest in building Black community.

Rather than lining the pockets of Trump and other White-supremacist capitalists,” Abdullah added, “donate to Black-led organizations that are building new, liberatory structures in our communities.”
The “Black Xmas” website alerts BLM fans and supporters that, “If you must buy, #BUYBLACK.”

This, however, limits the consumer options range, with only 2.1 percent of U.S. businesses having over one black employee businesses in 2014, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs.

Still, the BLM provided a list of all businesses where donations can be made.

The Los Angeles chapter elaborated that white capitalism must be eradicated and black-owned businesses need to be given the option to grow and progress.

The protest won’t result in a financial failure of capitalism, as explained by experts in economics and boycott practices.

As per Maurice Schweitzer, a University of Pennsylvania Professor of Operations and Information Management, economic boycotts are not as tough as initially believed.

“Most boycotts fail to achieve more than symbolic aims,” he added. “This is true even when the sentiment in support of a boycott is strong and there are easy opportunities to shift business to competitors.”

Northwestern University Institute for Policy Research associate Brayden King stated that all businesses facing a boycott should just “wait it out” in order to prevent revenue loss.

“The typical boycott doesn’t have much impact on sales revenue,” said King, a professor of management and organizations.

“The no. 1 predictor of what makes a boycott effective is how much media attention it creates,” King added. “Not how many people sign onto a petition or how many consumers it mobilizes.”

Basically, the BLM is engaging in ‘much lot ado about nothing.’

How do you feel about the boycotts?

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