Black Lives Matter to Fight “White Capitalism” With a Special “Black Xmas” Movement

Black Lives Matter to Fight White Capitalism With a Special Black Xmas Movement

The official Los Angeles chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement posted a tweet over the weekend urging blacks to celebrate “#BlackXmas” this year by resisting so-called “White capitalism” and only purchasing from or donating to black organizations

“We’re dreaming of a #BlackXmas…where folks withhold dollars from White capitalism and use resources to #BuildBlackCommunity,” the Twitter account, #BlackLivesMatter-LA, wrote Sunday. “Instead of spending, DONATE to a Black organization as a holiday gift for your loved ones or #BuyBlack. Go to for more.”

It’s believed Dr. Melina Abdullah, a national BLM leader and a professor at California State University, Los Angeles, runs this Twitter page.

In fact, her own Twitter account features the same avatar and a retweet of #BlackLivesMatter-LA’s original tweet:

The fact that a professor would share something so absurd should be shocking, but given my past experiences with left-wing radicals who inhabit our universities, I’m not surprised.

According to The Daily Wire, Abdullah expounded further on her disturbing views during a recent appearance on North Hollywood radio station KPFK.

“We say ‘white capitalism’ because it’s important that we understand that the economic system and the racial structures are connected,” she reportedly blathered.

“We have to not only disrupt the systems of policing that literally kill our people, but we have to disrupt the white supremacist, capitalistic, patriarchal, heteronormative system that is really the root cause of these police killings,” she added.

What a bunch of mindless jargon.

Stunningly, a local paper in Los Angeles allowed her to publish her nonsense in a column last year. In that piece, Abdullah posited the same senseless argument she happens to be making this year as well.

“Rather than lining the pockets of Trump and other White-supremacist capitalists, donate to Black-led organizations that are building new, liberatory structures in our communities,” she wrote for the Los Angeles Sentinel.

So rather than line the pockets of alleged white supremacists, blacks should line the pockets of people like you — confirmed black supremacists who hate whites? Sounds like a plan …

Let me be clear: There’s no such thing as “White Capitalism” or “BlackXmas”; there’s only capitalism, which benefits everybody, and Christmas, a Christian holiday centered primarily on the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth but also tangentially on family togetherness and gift-giving.

Moreover, this woman and those who align with her are racial zealots whose prejudiced views hold no place in 21st-century society.

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