Bill Clinton’s Rape Victim: Time to Take Away his Pension

Bill Clintons Rape Victim Time to Take Away his Pension

A handful of women have publicly accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct, but the one woman who maintains that he raped her has yet to see justice. Now, she says it’s time to act.

Juanita Broaddrick, who has accused Clinton of raping her in 1978, wants to see “everything that he’s given as being a past president, with the exception of his secret service things,” taken away.

“I think that all financial things that are given to him should be removed,” she told The Daily Caller in an exclusive interview.

“Now is the time.”
Broaddrick has remained in the public eye throughout the sex scandals that have dominated headlines since the fall of Harvey Weinstein, continually slamming the Clintons and the media for their lack of coverage on them.

“Bill Clinton is a horrible person, and so is Hillary,” Broaddrick said. “If people out there have allegations against him that have not been brought to the light of day, now is the time.”

Broaddrick alleges that Clinton raped her in 1978, when he was the Arkansas Attorney General. She conceded that after more than 20 years, the media has finally begun to take her claims against the former president more seriously.

“We’re in a new era, and it’s exciting,” she said.

Broaddrick also addressed the criticism lodged against her for accepting now-President Donald Trump’s invitation to attend one of the 2016 presidential debates in her interview. Broaddrick explained that despite the number of sexual assault and harassment accusations facing the president, she would never reject an opportunity to garner more attention to her allegations.

More Allegations Coming?
In the 1990s, several women, including Kathleen Wiley and Paula Jones, accused the then-president of sexual misconduct and assault. But not only are these accounts making headlines again, it appears that some more allegations are about to go public as well.

Author Ed Klein wrote in The Daily Mail earlier this month that four unidentified women are preparing to file a lawsuit against Clinton. They are reportedly demanding “substantial payouts in return” for silence.

The women say that Clinton allegedly sexually assaulted them when they were in low-level positions at a company belonging to billionaire playboy investor Ron Burkle. Burkle is not involved in the matter.

Negotiations are reportedly at a critical stage.

It’s too late to remove Bill Clinton from office, but there are still ways to bring at least a little justice to his victims. Clinton doesn’t deserve a pension, and he doesn’t need it either, with a net worth in the millions.

It’s time to stop paying on his pension.

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