Bernie Accidentally Exposes The Global Warming Scam With One Tweet

Bernie Accidentally Exposes The Global Warming Scam With One Tweet

Kimberly Morin reports that the latest satellite data crushes the global warming religion and scam:

The Global Warming, or “Climate Change,” hoaxers aren’t going to like this new information that has become available. Why? Because, once again, their outrageous claims about the Earth warming are once again proven to be bogus.

Of course, as any sane person knows, the climate has been changing since the day Mother Earth was born, but that never stops the hungry climate change scientists and activists who wouldn’t be employed otherwise. The Daily Caller reports on the new information just made public:

Satellite temperature data still shows about 40 percent less warming than the average climate model trend, despite more warming being added to the satellite record after researchers corrected for decaying satellite orbits.

The new updates, published in a recent study, increased the post-1998 warming trend 140 percent for the Remote Sensing System (RSS) satellite temperature database. Now, RSS shows more global warming than surface temperature records.

RSS data is now closer to the climate model trend, but the models still run warmer for the lowest few miles of the atmosphere.

In recent years, prominent climate scientists have had to reconcile with a growing mismatch between climate model predictions and the observational temperature record.

These “climate change” alarmists have been screaming about the dire future of the planet if the government DIDN’T DO SOMETHING NOW to stop global warming or cooling or whatever lie they claim in any specific year. Even though data has proven them wrong for years, it doesn’t stop them.

They keep creating these “predictive” models that are wrong when compared to the actual data yet no one shuts them down. Taxpayers are forced to keep funding them against our will.

Eventually, someone will have the cajones to say ‘enough is enough’ and tell them to ‘go fund themselves.’

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