BBC Worried Holocaust Is a Sensitive Subject… for Muslims

BBC Worried Holocaust Is a Sensitive Subject for Muslims

The BBC, known for its left-leaning bias, ran a report Tuesday about the unjustified abuse a couple German Muslim schoolgirls faced during a visit to Holocaust memorials in eastern Poland.

While what these young ladies experienced was appalling, so was a completely unnecessary and highly insensitive, crass statement the BBC made about the Holocaust, a historical event in which Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany exterminated millions of Jews.

“The Holocaust is a sensitive topic for many Muslims because Jewish survivors settled in British-mandate Palestine, on land which later became the state of Israel,” the BBC included in its report, which was later modified but may still be viewed in its original form via the Wayback Machine.

Two wrongs don’t make a right, and this outrageous statement was as wrong as the treatment the young ladies received.

As noted by the U.K.’s Campaign Against Antisemitism, while the Holocaust “is indeed a sensitive topic for many reasons, not least because six million Jews were systematically massacred,” it shouldn’t be for anyone else, especially over absurd reasons.

“For the BBC to lend credence to the notion that it is legitimate to be ‘sensitive’ about the Holocaust because of the existence of the State of Israel invokes antisemitic notions that the existence of the State of Israel is in some way racist, and it is offensive to tar ‘many Muslims’ in this way,” the campaign wrote.

But what’s most fascinating is how this faux pas wound up bringing both Jews and Muslims together, as reported by The Jerusalem Post.

Specifically, the U.K.’s Board of Jewish Deputies teamed up with a Muslim organization to issue a joint statement urging the BBC to promptly edit its report, which it did.

“In a story about Muslim schoolgirls suffering racism as they learn about the Holocaust, why have the BBC included the gratuitous line — offensive to both Muslims and Jews — that ‘the Holocaust is a sensitive topic for many Muslims’?” the board’s vice president, Marie van der Zyl, reportedly told The Jewish Chronicle.

How do you like that? In its bid to be politically correct, the BBC inadvertently united both Jews and Muslims against them for a brief moment in time. Talk about a miracle.

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