Baltimore Ravens bring in quarterback for the injured Flacco, but it’s not Kaepernick

Baltimore Ravens bring in quarterback for the injured Flacco but its not Kaepernick

The Baltimore Ravens are having the worst offseason this side of Dallas, Texas.

For a variety of reasons, they have lost five players in a span of 57 days.

Slot corner Tavon Young is done for the season with a knee injury. Running back Kenneth Dixon suffered a torn meniscus and is also likely out for the year.

Longtime starting tight end and fan favorite Dennis Pitta was released after shattering his hip once again.

Possible offensive line starter John Urschel abruptly retired.

But the injury that was most cause for concern stemmed from the disc issues that suddenly started plaguing starting quarterback Joe Flacco.

Obviously, an injury to a starting quarterback is the most devastating injury possible in football. No position is more important to the success of a football team than a quarterback.

Which is why when reports surfaced that Flacco could miss anywhere from a week of training camp to six weeks (which would likely spill into Week 1 of the regular season), speculation began running rampant about who they could bring in to steady the ship.

Considering disc issues can tend to linger beyond the original diagnosis, it makes sense that the Ravens would look for something a little more substantial than a mere stopgap.

That’s when reports began swirling about the controversial Colin Kaepernick possibly going to Baltimore.

Coach John Harbaugh discussed Kaepernick after practice Thursday.

“He’s a really good football player,” Harbaugh said. “I believe he’s a really good person. It all depends on a lot of things. It depends on Colin first of all and what’s his passion, what’s his priority, what’s he want to do, what kind of shape he’s in. So we’ll just see where it goes. I don’t think it’s different for us than any other team.”

Well the decision has been made. The Ravens did not sign Colin Kaepernick.

They opted instead for arena league quarterback David Olson. The newest Ravens acquisition used to play for the coach’s older brother, Jim Harbaugh, when Jim was coaching at Stanford.

The relative anonymity of Olson is great news for the Ravens. It’s a sign that Flacco’s back injury isn’t nearly as bad as some had thought, and the former Super Bowl MVP implied as much Friday.

Now before the pro-Kaepernick supporters start spouting off about “blackballing” in the NFL again, they should re-evaluate the facts.

Olson is probably playing on a non-guaranteed deal that will almost assure that he won’t be on the active roster by Week 1 of the regular season. It seems highly unlikely that Kaepernick would ever accept such a deal.

In fact, considering most NFL teams carry only two quarterbacks on the roster, the most likely candidates for actually seeing some regular season action are Joe Flacco and Ryan Mallett. Dustin Vaughan and Olson will most likely be cut to open up roster spaces.

Would Kaepernick really have been willing to accept a deal like that?

And besides, the Ravens have implied that the Olson signing does not preclude a Kaepernick signing. It could still happen.

But for now, the Ravens believe that Flacco will be back in time for the games that matter. For a team that has been completely snake-bitten this offseason, that’s about as good a news as they could’ve hoped for.

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  1. kaperdinkle would just be another good reason not to go back to the NFL this season, nor even watching the ravens….but no threat just a promise…