Austrian Town Temporarily Bans Refugees After Teen Girl Is Raped

Austrian Town Temporarily Bans Refugees After Teen Girl Is Raped

Liberal policies often sound great until they encounter reality. The left-leaning view on refugees is to welcome everyone with open arms, regardless of their background or culture.

As people in Austria are finding out, however, those backgrounds are very important when it comes to vetting Islamic refugees.

According to The Daily Caller, the city of Tulln, Austria has reversed its stance on refugees after a 15-year-old girl was reportedly raped. The teenager was allegedly walking home last month when she was sexually assaulted by three foreign men.

The evidence pointed to one group: Muslim immigrants who had sought asylum in Austria. An outraged prosecutor ordered 59 male asylum seekers to submit DNA samples. Two of those immigrants — an Afghan and a Somali — were arrested for rape, while another is still being pursued by police.

“For me, there is zero tolerance for criminal asylum seekers who abuse their rights as guests and in view of what these criminals did to the girl, the full severity of the law is demanded,” declared Peter Eisenschenk, the mayor of Tulln.

The shocking incident has forced the city of 15,000 people to re-evaluate their immigration policy. A temporary ban on incoming refugees has been put in place.

“The mayor has informed the authority in Lower Austria today that Tulln refuses to accept further refugees until further notice. This should provide the necessary space necessary to analyze the incidents,” the German language newspaper Heute explained.

Meanwhile, the entire country of Austria was also having second thoughts. Approximately 90,000 migrants were reportedly accepted into the nation since 2015, but lawmakers enacted border controls to stem the tide of foreigners pouring into the relatively quiet country.

One by one, countries around the globe are realizing the same thing: You cannot peacefully integrate people who have no desire for peace. “Coexist” is a nice sentiment for a bumper sticker, but it doesn’t keep teenage girls safe from foreigners who view women as targets.

Hopefully, the United States will learn that lesson before it’s too late.

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