Atheists Sick Over Massive Archaeological Find… Lost City Jesus Cursed

Atheists Sick Over Massive Archaeological Find Lost City Jesus Cursed

Atheists across the world will be sick when they hear about a massive archaeological find that points to more evidence that Jesus walked the earth.

Experts believe they have found the lost city of Julias, also known as Bethsaida, which was the home of Jesus’ apostles Peter, Andrew and Philip, Fox News reported.

Archaeologists from the Kinneret Institute for Galilean Archaeology at Kinneret College in Israel and Nyack College in New York excavated an area at el-Araj on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee where they believe evidence points to el-Araj being a possible location of the ancient city.

Ruins of a Roman bathhouse were discovered, along with glass mosaic pieces, pottery shards and two coins. The discovery also included walls decorated with glass mosaics, which might be evidence of a significant church from the Byzantine period.

According to scripture, the apostles Peter, Andrew and Philip were from Bethsaida.

But the town has another reason to be remembered. In the gospels, its residents are cursed by Jesus for the blindness of their refusal to accept his ministry.

Archaeologists believe the site appeared to be flooded by the Jordon River and abandoned between 250 A.D and 350 A.D. and resettled somewhere around the end of the 4th century A.D. during the Byzantine period, Fox reported.

According to an eighth-century account of Willibald, a Bavarian bishop of Eichstätt who visited the Holy Land in 725 A.D., a church at Bethsaida was built over the house of Peter and Andrew, reported National Geographic.

Director of Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins Steven said the discovery was positive.

“[What Willibard’s account] tells us is that in the Byzantine period we have living memory of the site of Bethsaida and identifies it with the Gospel tradition,” he said. “Only time will tell if (1) our site has the Byzantine church, and (2) it is correctly situated on the site of first-century Bethsaida.”

“At present,” he added, “I think our prospects of an affirmative answer on these two points is very, very good.”

Atheists like to claim the Bible is fiction and that Jesus was a myth, but this discovery adds credence to the fact that the Bible is historically accurate and Jesus was much more than just a folk tale — and that must make them sick.

That kind of blindness didn’t disappear with the ancient residents of Bethsaida.

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