Asked About Risk of Taking Out KJU, Bolton Slams Fox Host With 7 Epic Words

Asked About Risk of Taking Out KJU Bolton Slams Fox Host With 7 Epic Words

Following North Korea’s successful detonation of a nuclear device at its Punggye-ri testing site Sunday, foreign policy expert John Bolton argued that continued diplomacy with the rogue regime isn’t an option anymore, regardless of the risks a change in strategy would pose to the citizens of South Korea.

Taking out Kim Jong Un — along with his military, his nuclear weapons, and the whole corrupt regime that keeps him in power — could well be worth it, Bolton said. The consequences of not doing so could be even worse.

“(M)ore diplomacy with North Korea or sanctions … is just giving North Korea more time to increase its nuclear arsenal, increase its ballistic missile capability, increase the accuracy of its guidance systems and put us, South Korea and Japan in more jeopardy,” he initially said to Fox News host Trish Regan.

Troubled by what Bolton appeared to be suggesting, which was that the U.S. should destroy North Korea’s nuclear facilities or topple its regime, Regan then pivoted the discussion toward the risks a preemptive strike on North Korea would pose to its southern neighbor, especially were it to retaliate with force.

“What are we potentially risking now … what is the risk?” she asked. “Are we going to wind up with so many people’s lives gone in South Korea, in Seoul, because we make that move?”

While that was a fair question, Bolton’s terse reply made it clear why the larger risks to the United States outweigh any potential risks to South Korea.

“What do you think about dead Americans?” he bluntly asked.

His point was that if the U.S. fails to throttle North Korea’s nuclear ambitions now, it’s very likely that we’re “going to wind up with so many people’s lives gone” here in the heartland. In fact, North Korea’s unhinged dictator, Kim Jong Us, has repeatedly made it clear he wants to strike the United States.

“When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you don’t wait until it has struck before you crush it,” Bolton added at the end of the segment, invoking words spoken during the height of World War II by former President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In other words, either we kill this “rattlesnake” now or wait until it kills us first. Which sounds like a smarter strategy to you?

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