Army Vet Slams Kneelers, Focuses on Black Issue Nobody Will Talk About

Army Vet Slams Kneelers Focuses on Black Issue Nobody Will Talk About

Political commentator Kathy Barnette, an Army veteran, argued this week that while the exceedingly rare occurrence of suspects being unjustifiably gunned down by cops poses a problem for the black community, there are far bigger fish to fry.

“There are some real issues in the black community — some very real, systemic, devastating issues,” she said during an appearance Monday on Fox News. “But the one that we are seeing almost every day, about police brutality, that probably isn’t even in the top five.”

“One black person, white person, Asian person, any person shot by police unarmed for no reason is one too many, but it most definitely is not the big ‘boogey bear’ that they’re pushing it to be,” she added.

Correct. Note how she mentioned other races, making the point that police brutality affects everybody. She also took a swipe at the NFL over its ongoing national anthem protests, noting that the players protesting police brutality seem awfully reticent vis-à-vis the broader issues affecting the black community.

For instance, Barnette cited statistics showing that of the 7,800 blacks murdered in 2016, only 233 were killed by the police. And of those 233, only 16 were unarmed, though this in itself doesn’t prove the shootings were unjustified.

“Now, the 16 does not take into consideration any violent arrests — you know, people not wanting to be arrested,” Barnette said, citing the tendency of some suspects to try and resist arrest.

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To put Barnette’s numbers in perspective, consider that as of late November, over 600 people — most of them presumably black — had been murdered in Chicago this year alone, as reported by station WLS.

Yet race hustlers both in the media and in sports as well continue to peddle the myth of systemic police brutality against blacks, with NFL players now frequently holding protests against the national anthem to express their frustration over this alleged crisis.

In an op-ed for Fox News published Thanksgiving Day, Barnette highlighted the same points she posited Monday but also shared some wisdom as well with those NFL players participating in these misguided protests.

“Allow me to make a few suggestions to you as an alternative to continuing to disrespect our country and flag,” she wrote. “If you want to make a real difference that extends beyond getting your picture on a magazine cover, please consider doing the following.”

Her suggestions included investing in urban schools, providing mentoring and collage scholarships to children, using their money to create jobs and internships, purchasing a mortgage-free home for a struggling family, and educating themselves “on what the Democratic Party has done to the black community.”

“Doing just one of these things would make an indelible imprint on any community, especially the black community,” she concluded.

True, but as of this Wednesday, not a single NFL player had yet accepted her challenge. Instead, during football games on Sunday, 23 players wound up protesting the non-existent epidemic of police brutality against blacks.

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