Army Vet Died Defending Teens

Army Vet Died Defending Teens

A 62-year-old veteran made the ultimate sacrifice when he protected two teens from a vicious attacker, and is being hailed a hero because of it.

James Farmer Jr. was reportedly asleep in his car when Dejuan Stamps, a homeless man, attacked a two teens in the early morning hours of June 16 in downtown Denver.

Stamps never expected Farmer to get out of his car and intervene, but when he did, Stamps reportedly beat him to death.

KMGH-TV reported that the teens were walking near the Saint Francis Center, a homeless shelter, when Stamps attacked them. Aidan Brown, 18, was knocked unconscious in the attack and required staples in his head.

Brown’s father said his son “surely would’ve died” had Farmer not stepped in when he did.

The 19-year-old woman who with Brown said they did nothing to provoke the attack.

“He just walked across the street towards us and he was walking very fast and aggressively and he just swung,” the woman, who did not wish to be identified, told KDVR. She said Stamps punched Brown and repeatedly kicked him in the head.

Farmer got out of his car to help, and grabbed a 2×4 from his trunk, the woman said. The weapon wasn’t enough though. When police officers arrived, they found Stamps beating Farmer in the chest, the station reported.

Farmer, an Army veteran, was in reportedly unemployed and living out of his Saab when the attack occurred. His family told KDVR that he had moved to Denver looking for work.

Staff members at Saint Francis told KMGH that Farmer visited the center often and that he was ready to help others. Stamps, on the other hand, had been banned from the center for misbehavior, the station reported.

Those at the center who knew Farmer knew he cared about helping people.

“That was something that we weren’t surprised to hear that James had done, that as a veteran that he took helping people seriously, and he was the kind of person that would step in,” said Andrew Spinks, development director for the Saint Francis Center.

In a statement to KDVR, the family agreed.

“He took an oath when he joined the United States Army and promised never to leave a man behind,” the statement said. “He heard someone in need and risked his life to save [the] lives of those teenagers.”

Farmer was honored at a memorial service where he was remembered for his selfless act.

Stamps was charged with one count of first-degree murder, first-degree assault and third-degree assault and two counts of second-degree assault.

Hopefully, he’ll be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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