Army Couldn’t Take This Man, a Year Later He Strolls Back into Recruiter’s Office

Army Couldnt Take This Man a Year Later He Strolls Back into Recruiters Office

When it comes to making massive life changes, oftentimes people need something to motivate them to change. Only by having a goal that they are fixed upon can they really commit to changing.

William Guinn Jr. of Alilene, Texas, got his motivation after he decided that he wanted to follow in his family’s footsteps and join the military to serve his country, KTAB reported.

Guinn made his decision in February of 2016 and spent the next year eating healthy, going to the gym and otherwise trying to lose weight. He succeeded and amazingly dropped over 200 pounds in one year.

In a Facebook post that was posted four months ago, Guinn explained that he weighed 456 pounds when he started. He lost 211 pounds over the course of the year and now weighs 244 pounds.

“When i first started losing wieght (sic) i was 456 pounds in 14 months without surgery or anything else. Just dieting, eating right, and gym 6 days a week and very active i manage(d) to lose 211 pounds all thanks to planet fitness. I now (weigh) 244 and (I’m) feeling great,” he wrote, along with posting before and after photos.

On July 13, Guinn was officially sworn into the military. All his hard work paid off, and now he can serve his country proudly. What Guinn did is incredible.

It took a lot of dedication for Guinn to achieve his goal. Something tells me he will accomplish great things in the Army. Anyone who has that much dedication is going to excel in life.

Guinn didn’t need any government program telling him to lose weight. He realized that his life choices up to 2016 were preventing him from doing what he really wanted to do, so he decided to change his life.

Hopefully Guinn can keep this lifestyle up even after he is finished with his time in the military. He certainly deserves to live a happy and healthy life after the work he put into changing it.

Well done, Guinn!

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