Armed Robbers Steal Bags of Medical Marijuana from Pot Farm

Armed Robbers Steal Bags of Medical Marijuana from Pot Farm

A trio of armed robbers who held up a medical marijuana farm and dispensary in San Diego, California, are in for a disappointing surprise if they expected to get high from their stolen goods.

According to KSWB, three men wearing masks, and at least one of whom held a handgun, entered the 151 Farmers marijuana and food store in Encanto shortly before 11 a.m. Saturday, demanding cash and stealing several bags of organically-grown medical-grade marijuana.

“He confronted one of the employees and threatened him with the weapon,” stated Officer Tony Martinez of the gun-wielding robber. “The suspects tied up the employee and stole several large bags of marijuana.”

Unfortunately for them, this was specially-produced marijuana for medical patients that lack the THC necessary to receive the “high” feeling most users get when smoking or otherwise ingesting typical strains of marijuana.

“I’m sure much later they’ll find out that these are non-psychoactive plant materials that won’t get them high,” explained Darryl Cotton, owner of the dispensary who actually arrived at his store as the robbery was taking place. “They were designed for patients.”

Though the loss of the plants will no doubt hurt his business, Cotton seemed more concerned with the well-being of the patients his dispensary served.

“Ultimately, they’re stealing from the medical patients because you know if they’re off of opioids and they’re on a more organic regime, they need that on a regular basis,” Cotton said.

The San Diego Union Tribune reported that the suspects fled the scene in two vehicles, one of which was a rented van, which an astute employee was able to follow for a short distance to obtain the license plate number, which was then given to police.

The rental van was discovered a short time later and the driver was questioned but ultimately released, as he didn’t fit the description of the suspects.

Though the episode was no doubt traumatic for those involved, thankfully nobody was hurt. All we can do now is hope the police track down these thugs.

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