Arkansas Professor Lights Up College Elite Culture

Arkansas Professor Lights Up College Elite Culture

In a stunning turnabout in this day and age of hateful liberal professors acting like lunatics, a lone professor from the University of Arkansas published a column Sunday calling for his peers to cast aside their ignorant beliefs and stop discriminating against conservative Christians, particularly those who support President Donald Trump.

“Compared to racial and gender discrimination, this kind of religious discrimination gets little attention from researchers,” Robert Maranto, who serves as the Endowed Chair of Leadership at the University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform, wrote in a piece for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Yet it should, he argued, because it occurs far too frequently. He asks readers to consider the case of “Maria,” a minority grad school applicant from a Christian college who, despite scoring exceptionally well in standardized tests, was rejected by the University of Southern California because her religious background unnerved the professors tasked with judging her aptitude.

Sadly, this sort of bigotry now permeates academia, and has in turn led to a situation eerily similar to what transpired during the Jim Crow era.

“(T)he all-white elite universities of the past often avoided or disparaged African-American perspectives,” Maranto explained, leading to blacks growing distrustful of academia, just like contemporary Christians and conservatives.

In fact, a Pew Research Center poll published last week revealed that a stunning 58 percent majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents believe “colleges and universities have a negative effect on the country.”

Can anyone blame them? From calling for the public execution of Republicans to preaching anti-Christian dogma, the nation’s elite professors have demonstrated a sickening disdain for the faith of everyday Americans who believe in conservative Christian values.

“If my fellow cultural elites actually knew and respected those ‘deplorables,’” the professor continued, referencing the word used by liberals to malign supporters of the president, who for the most part tend to be conservative Christians, “we could find truces in our seemingly endless culture wars.”

“Such compromises require negotiation, and for that, we must allow people who disagree with us to have seats at the table, including the university seminar table.”

Such compromises would also require that the elitists who inhabit academia stop acting like arrogant jerks. But are they capable of such a transformation?

“If you have a bunch of leaders in the field who all think the same way, they won’t be exposed to folks who aren’t like them,” Maranto pointed out to Campus Reform.

And that’s the problem.

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