AP Calls Trump the Ultimate Dealmaker

AP Calls Trump the Ultimate Dealmaker

Like other mainstream media outlets, the Associated Press tends to exhibit a notable anti-Trump bias, which is why the outlet’s decision to praise the president this week shocked many.

While many examples of the publisher’s anti-Trump bias exist, a memorable one surfaced in March when the AP suggested that President Donald Trump’s tribute to Ryan Owens, the soldier who died during a raid in Yemen two months earlier, had been a calculated political move.

As noted by NewsBusters, the report “failed to describe the mission with which Owens was involved, failed to note its positive results — which even CNN has now recognized — and consulted only two far-leftists, one utterly undisclosed as such, for an evaluation of the politics involved.”

And those leftists concluded that the tribute was “a calculated attempt to deflect criticism of his decision to approve a failed military operation and to turn around his administration’s shaky start with a gesture that sought to unify a deeply divided country,” as quoted directly from the AP.

For a so-called “report,” the piece lacked any semblance of fairness and balance — and thus sounded more like “a calculated attempt” to smear the president than anything else.

Keeping all this in mind, fast forward to Monday, when the AP ran a story in which it praised the president for pursuing a face-to-face meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“A face-to-face meeting can …