Antifa Picks Dead Vets as Their Next Targets

Antifa Picks Dead Vets as Their Next Targets

Ever since President Donald Trump was elected in November 2016, a violent leftist group called “antifa” (which stands for “anti-fascist”) has participated in a number of violent protests against Trump, Republicans, capitalism and a host of other issues.

While these leftist thugs claim to be against fascism, in reality they are just a bunch of criminals who are using discontent in America to cause chaos and violence – and they just announced their next target, WND reported.

Various antifa groups are reportedly planning to spend Independence Day at Gettysburg by burning American and Confederate flags, and desecrating Confederate grave sites.

These antifa thugs are so pathetic and cowardly that they are targeting people who can’t fight back – dead veterans. reported that the antifa calls for protests sparked calls for counter protests to ensure these leftist lunatics don’t desecrate the site of one of the most important battles in American history.

While several groups have obtained permits for ceremonies at Gettysburg, these antifa protesters have not (so far), which means police  should be able to remove them if they show up.

PennLive noted that park officials are aware of the threats of protests that are circulating. The officials are trying to balance respecting the First Amendment with ensuring that no violence/desecration occurs.

“We respect the public’s right to demonstrate and voice their views. We don’t make any distinction between the purpose and the message,” park spokeswoman Katie Lawhon explained.

“But if people decide to act unlawfully, we have plans in place to efficiently address those,” she added.

Hopefully these antifa cowards won’t actually show up on Independence Day, or if they do hopefully authorities remove them before they can wreck havoc.

You have to be a special kind of coward to want to desecrate the graves honoring our fallen soldiers. These antifa folks have just shown the world what they are all about.

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