Anti-Trump Locals Push for Jail Time as Their Neighbor Puts up a 5-Word-All-American Sign [VIDEO]

Anti-Trump Locals Push for Jail Time as Their Neighbor Puts up a 5-Word-All-American Sign VIDEO

This is a story of a woman who had the courage to stand up for what she believed in, while the community threw rocks at her, punishing her respect and admiration for president Trump’s work. Even more, she is now facing possible jail time, due to the fact that she put up five little words for the world to see.

While liberals claim to be the heirs of everything related to tolerance and acceptance, this case proves a different point. Their nurtured democracy has reached an all-time low as, once again, politics came first before the actual will to understand and accept. This is a clear example of a push-and-pull relationship in which the liberals take the nastier side- they’ll push the limits, but pull back in time for the consequences.

It is obvious that in some areas in America, the love for President Trump is taken as the most rigid crime of all, and this 75-year-old woman from Maine is here to testify to that.

Rockland’s Susan Reitman has put up several signs on her own property, driving the left totally insane and pushing them over the age to the point of no return. Many have asked her to take the signs down, but as she refused to do it, she set herself up for a disaster. The sign that caused quite the stir simply read, “He won. Get over it.

Local authorities were beyond bothered by the show of appreciation, that she is now being threatened with jail time if the sign doesn’t come down since signs (even those on a private property) aren’t supposed to be larger than 2 square feet without a permit.

It didn’t take locals long to specify that this flag was overreaching the dimensions provided, according to the law. Since the woman did not obtain any legal permit to leave the flag put, she was facing potential trouble.

“I admire your passion for our president. Truly, I do,” Rockland Assistant Code Officer Bill Butler explained to Susan in an email, according to the Portland Press Herald. “However, we have received a complaint and I have to do my due diligence and I have determined your signs are not in compliance with the Rockland Code.”

For the record, this was your everyday woman, planning to oblige. “If I have to sit in jail for the rest of eternity, that’s my choice,” she distinctly said. “I guess I’m being stubborn … but I’m not going to back down from what I believe.”

Moreover, she was unafraid to be thrown a few fines, which she clearly stated were going to be left unpaid. If the town does conduct the law, a fine between $100 and $1,000 per day was to follow. This would proceed until the sign is removed.

Having made their match, local authorities explained to her she could pursue a permit, a suggestion she was quick to dismiss. Even more, she pleaded her right to a free speech, which should be a practice the liberals are quite familiar with.

And when it comes to one’s right to express his or her beliefs in the comfort of their own home, who is to say what’s right or wrong? God knows we’ve endured a lot of the liberal ‘free speech rights’, which was more focused on aggressive actions instead of words, but, hey, don’t let them hear ya!

Having in mind how the American Constitution works, the woman has every right to do as she pleases at her own property. Anyone who says otherwise is, well, another Trump hating ignorant – and trust me when I say- we have a plentiful of those already.

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