Alyssa Milano Reveals Reason She Said Nothing About Harvey Weinstein, It’s BAD

Alyssa Milano Reveals Reason She Said Nothing About Harvey Weinstein Its BAD

As most people know by now, Hollywood mega-producer Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexually harassing hundreds of women over three decades – including famous actresses, such as Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan. Fellow actress and outspoken liberal Alyssa Milano has just now weighed-in on the situation, leaving many people perplexed.

Here are her thoughts, per Patriot Not Partisan:

I’ve been asked a number of times to comment on the Harvey Weinstein scandal. While I am sickened and angered over the disturbing accusations of Weinstein’s sexual predation and abuse of power, I’m happy – ecstatic even – that it has opened up a dialogue around the continued sexual harassment, objectification and degradation of women. To the women who have suffered any form of abuse of power, I stand beside you. To the women who have come forward against a system that is designed to keep you silent, I stand in awe of you and appreciate you and your fortitude. It is not easy to disclose such experiences, especially in the public eye. Your strength will inspire others. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for fighting this battle so hopefully my daughter won’t have to.

Even with these strong feelings – not just about Weinstein but about workplace sexism in general – this statement is complicated for me for personal reasons. Harvey has a wife, who I have had the privilege of working with for the last 5 years on Project Runway All Stars. Georgina Chapman is my friend. She is one of the most special humans I have ever met. Harvey and Georgina also have two very young children who my children have known their entire lives. It is because of my love for Georgina, India and Dashiell that I haven’t publicly commented on this until now. Please don’t confuse my silence for anything other than respect for a dear friend and her beautiful children.

So, Milano wanted to shield Harvey’s children rather than his many, many victims. Is that what a true, far left feminist would do?

Hmm. Seems more like Hollywood protecting a leftist – as is often the case.

People were confused by Milano’s response:

Actor/director Kevin Smith says he’s ashamed that Weinstein funded the first 14 years of his career, via Daily Wire:

Actor and filmmaker Kevin Smith, who people remember for such Generation X comedies as Clerks and Dogma, has denounced his longtime involvement with producer Harvey Weinstein over the damning allegations of his long history of sexual harassment and lewd behavior toward women.

Getting his start in the early-90s when Weinstein’s company Miramax bought and distributed his low-budget comedy Clerks, Kevin Smith arguably owes his entire career to Harvey Weinstein. Whatever warm feelings he may have had for the movie mogul in the past have swiftly vanished in light of the allegatons, as Smith now feels “ashamed” of ever profiting off the man.

More on the Weinstein scandal, from Daily Wire:

The A-list actress who tore into President Donald Trump for his anti-women comments during an Access Hollywood interview now claims she had no idea her sometimes-boss Harvey Weinstein was routinely accused of being a serial sexual harasser.

[Meryl] Streep gave a statement to Huffington Post Sunday night on the Weinstein affair, after celebrities like Rose McGowan — one of Weinstein’s alleged victims — and public figures lambasted the actress and her powerful Hollywood colleagues for staying silent in the face of what appears to be rampant abuse.

The actress and outspoken political activist called Weinsten’s behavior “disgraceful,” but claims that “not everybody knew” that the head of a major Hollywood studio used his influence over young actresses to force them to watch him shower naked in his hotel room, give him massages, and stand by while he masturbated into nearby houseplants.

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