Almost 40 Years After Being Molested As a Child, Woman Get 1 in a Million Call at Work

Almost 40 Years After Being Molested As a Child Woman Get 1 in a Million Call at Work

Sadly, in many sexual abuse cases of children, the perpetrator gets away with his crimes because the child never comes forward for fear of what could happen.

One Australian woman’s abuser finally got the justice he deserved, 40 years after the abuse took place. Amazingly, the same man who assaulted the woman as a child happened to call her place of work, The Herald Sun reported.

Australia’s Yahoo 7 News reported that Michael O’Brien, 90, was interviewed by police in 2014, charged in 2015 and pleaded guilty in court Monday.

Petra Whitehouse, 46, realized who O’Brien was when she received a call from him at the insurance company where she worked. He just wanted to ask some questions about his policy — little did he know who would be on the line.

O’Brien assaulted Whitehouse when he was 49. O’Brien made Whitehouse touch him “indecently,” after showing her pictures of male and female genitalia.

After Whitehouse confirmed O’Brien’s identity when he called her, he actually remembered who she was.

“When I told him who I was, he said: ‘Oh, you are the bubbly little girl from the German club,’” Whitehouse recounted.

Whitehouse contacted the police and they arranged an operation to arrest O’Brein.

“He didn’t deny anything. He told me I was the only one and he apologized to me,” Whitehouse said. “But during that phone call, we ­argued over how old I was. I ended up saying: ‘Who gives a s*** how old I was, whether I was seven or nine? What you did was bulls*** and you shouldn’t have done it.’”

O’Brien was sentenced to four months in jail, and was added to the sex offender registry.

While Whitehouse is glad O’Brien was sentenced to jail time, she said that ultimately her main goal was to make sure everyone knew what sort of monster O’Brien is.

“For me, it was never about seeing him locked up,” she explained. “My major thing is that he was found guilty, to be exposed so that other people know the predator that he is.”

This entire encounter all those years later is truly incredibly. The odds of this happening are too great to be calculated, but this just goes to show that you can never truly escape the crimes of your past. As the Scripture states, “You may be sure that your sin will find you out.”

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