Allen West Shares 1 Fact Why We Should Always Honor Christopher Columbus

Allen West Shares 1 Fact Why We Should Always Honor Christopher Columbus

Former congressman and former U.S. Army Lt. Col. Allen West, in a Sunday article on his internet page, tried to explain why Christopher Columbus should be celebrated amidst the revisionist historians’ attempts to make him the evil guy.

West started his article by pointing out that the Columbus Day celebration can end with violence seeing how the Antifa groups have already planned to camp all around the country where there are monuments of Columbus on Monday.

“Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement,” which is an anarchist organization, invited the Antifa groups from all around the country to join them in “Deface Columbus Day.”

So, West decided to share some historical lessons. He writes about how eastern trade roads were taken down because of the war, so Columbus turned to with Queen Isabella of Spain to find a way to bring back the eastern trade by sailing west.

His decision was considered foolish that time, but Columbus persuaded Isabella into helping him, he got three ships for the trip, the Pinta, the Santa Maria and the Niña. And in the way, he found the Americas.

West explained how Columbus’ mission allowed Western civilization to develop to the New World.

“Now, the leftists can whine and complain about what happened to the indigenous people,” he said, “but in the greater scheme of history, Western civilization was expanded to the New World. Incredible ideas and concepts were brought across the ocean, and eventually the greatest concept, individual liberty, was established here in these United States of America.”

West also claimed if Columbus left “wants to cherry-pick history, then perhaps they should not be aligning themselves with Islamo-fascists, whose history of slavery, subjugation, and the slaughter continues today.”

He wrote that the Spanish Quin wanted to expand Catholicism and Christianity to the new land because of the “tyranny they had witnessed under Islamic rule from 711-1492.”

“And yes,” he said, “the Spanish Inquisition was a horrible piece of history, but it’s there to learn from, not eradicate or erase.”

“Hi was a feat of utmost courage and conviction,” he wrote. “If we are to erase his memory, then we shall never understand why he embarked upon his voyage. But, that’s not what’s important to the progressive socialist left who understands that if they control the past, they can manipulate the present, and certainly determine the future.

West ended his column by writing, “Yo, my man, Christopher Columbus, God bless ya, and thanks. Happy birthday, brother, and to my Italian friends, remember this man, always.”

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