Alert: Suicidal Iran Sending Warships Toward the Gulf of Mexico

Alert Suicidal Iran Sending Warships Toward the Gulf of Mexico

In Tehran’s latest round of saber-rattling with the United States, Iran announced it’s sending warships to the Gulf of Mexico as part of its effort to become a global superpower.

“Our fleet of warships will be sent to the Atlantic Ocean in the near future and will visit one of the friendly states in South America and the Gulf of Mexico,” Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi said, the Jerusalem Post reported.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the ships will be traveling to the Gulf on orders from Khanzadi, who recently took over the Iranian naval forces.

Iran has claimed opposition from U.S. officials, although no official condemnation of the move seemed to be forthcoming from either the Trump administration or the Pentagon.

As for the “friendly state” in South America that the warships will be visiting, it doesn’t take too much mental effort to figure out just which one they’re talking about.

Yes, that’s right, Venezuela: land of power grabs, sanctions, and inflation so dire that even Robert Mugabe could probably guide the economy better. (He just became available, too — just FYI.)

Ever since Khanzadi was appointed, he’s seemed obsessed with the idea of putting his warships in places the U.S. doesn’t like — just to get Americans riled up. While this may be personally fulfilling at a nationalist level, it doesn’t exactly come across as the most stable or fruitful way to use one’s warships as a tool of diplomacy.

According to NBC News, Khanzadi declared during his first news conference that he wanted to “wave the flag of our country in the Gulf of Mexico.”

This seems to have zero practical benefit but apparently looks good when it comes to the propaganda mill.

If they were to try anything involving the United States Navy — which is highly unlikely, but let’s engage in some hypothetical fun here — they’d likely discover that military technology hampered by nearly 40 years of sanctions matches up the Iranian with the U.S. Navy in the same way that Northern Iowa State matches up with Notre Dame, or how the Cleveland Browns match up with… well, anybody.

Nevertheless, Rear Adm. Khanzadi is a big believer in the doctrine of shock and awe, minus the whole “awe” thing.

He’s proudly discoursed on how “the appearance of our vessels in the Mediterranean and Suez Canal shocked the world and the U.S. also made comments on it.”

If playing chicken with major world powers and their associated navies is what passes as solid military strategy for Rear Adm. Khanzadi, the mullahs have made a suicidal mistake in promoting this man to run their navy.

Not that I am exactly hoping for competent leadership in Iran, but I would at least hope that they would have the common sense to stay away from provocative moves in America’s backyard.

Not that I worry our Navy won’t be able to counter the ships, but I could definitely see it interfering with deep sea fishing excursions in the Gulf of Mexico.

Nobody wants that.

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