Alert: Common Ointment Gives Baby 2nd Degree Burns… Mom Frantically Warns Other Parents

Alert Common Ointment Gives Baby 2nd Degree Burns Mom Frantically Warns Other Parents

A Canadian mother thought she was protecting her toddler when she applied a common lotion on the baby’s skin, but she couldn’t have been more wrong.

Rebecca Cannon said her 14-month old daughter, Kyla, ended up with second-degree burns after she applied Banana Boat Kids SPF 50 sunscreen to her face.

“As the day went on, she got a little redder and redder and the next morning she woke up and was swollen, she was bright red, there were blisters starting to pop up,” Cannon told CBC.

The mother said she took Kyla to a doctor immediately where her daughter was treated for the burns.

Cannon said she knew that she should have used baby sunscreen for her daughter, but she didn’t have any at the time.

“I figured just putting it mildly on her face, for some protection rather than having none at all, would be OK and yeah, it didn’t go over well,” she said.

Cannon said she was surprised when the doctor who treated Kyla said she was not the only one who had been burned by sunscreen products.

The mother began researching incidents with the Banana Boat sunscreen and was shocked to discover that there have been several incidents where children have suffered the same kinds of burns as Kyla.

“I honestly don’t understand how it’s still on the shelves,” she said.

Cannon posted images of Kyla’s face to her Facebook page, along with a warning to parents to use caution when applying sunscreen products on their children.

Take a look:

Those burns look extremely painful.

Cannon said the company offered her a refund for the product along with paid postage package to send the product back.

In a statement written to CBC, a Banana Boat representative said they are “greatly concerned when any person encounters a reaction using our products,” adding that the products are carefully tested and meet Canadian health regulations.

“We have spoken with the consumer and asked for the product so that our quality assurance team can look into this further. Without examining the product, it is difficult to determine what may have caused the problem as described,” the statement said.

In the meantime, the company might consider placing a warning on the product to avoid any further harm to consumers.

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