Age 4 Boy’s Tongue Feels Funny from Milkshake, Mom Sees Receipt & Knows

Age 4 Boys Tongue Feels Funny from Milkshake Mom Sees Receipt Knows

Mistakes do happen in life, exposing our little ones to the dangers of the world. Pennsylvania mom, Brianne Mckee, learned this the hard way while eating out with her child at the BRGR in Cranberry.

Mckee told WPXI-TV that she ordered her 4-year-old son, Stryler, a s’mores milkshake to-go but then soon realized it wasn’t made for a young child.

Stryler was half-way done with the treat before telling his mother that his “tongue was feeling funny.”

After seeing that it was an adult milkshake charged on the receipt, Mckee confronted management. Although she didn’t test the drink herself, it was said to be spiked with vodka.

Mckee was offered a refund but still felt the restaurant was unsympathetic about their mistake.

“They didn’t care. Nobody cared. And I’m getting loud it was like nobody had kids no one understood why I am so heartsick,” she said.

Mckee didn’t immediately take her son to the hospital until the very next day. A post she wrote on Facebook pressured BRGR to release a public statement about the incident.

“We sincerely apologize to the family involved,” the statement read. “This is unacceptable and we are taking this matter very seriously.”

Since the break of the story, a few followers have expressed doubt concerning McKee’s complaints.

Some believed it was all just a misunderstanding.

“I’m sure the waitress (since she is new) accidentally hit the adult milkshakes instead of the non-alcoholic milkshake when ringing it up. Easy mistake when you’re new at a job and don’t fully know their system,” a person wrote.

One commenter on WPXI-TV’s Facebook post even implied that McKee was an irresponsible mother.

“If she was concerned why didn’t she take her child straight to the ER instead of waiting till today?” a person asked.

Others have also claimed that maybe McKee intentionally gave her son the alcoholic beverage. She has since responded to all the backlash: “The milkshake was handed directly to my son … No one else at the table had alcohol so there’s no need to blame me.

“I truly did not want this to turn into what it did I wanted it to be a warning message that as much as you love your children you can’t always keep them safe. BRGR has admitted [wrongdoing] and is doing what they have to do to make things right from this point on.”

At the end of the day, Stryler is what’s really important. As frightening as the situation was, it’s good to know that this little guy is alive and well, and we can only hope this never happens again to anyone else’s child.

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