Age 3 Girl Run Over by Grandma, Cops Start Praying as She’s Rushed to ER

Age 3 Girl Run Over by Grandma Cops Start Praying as Shes Rushed to ER

Merida Gibson was playing in the driveway after her family’s Thanksgiving festivities this year. She was seated in front of her grandmother’s SUV, and when her grandmother left she didn’t see little Merida on the ground.

Joan Conley, Merida’s grandmother, started her car, intending to pull out of her family’s driveway. When she went forward, she ran over her 2-year-old granddaughter, putting a dark cloud on the family’s holiday.

“The grandmother was leaving from spending the holiday with the family and did not see her three-year-old granddaughter seated, on the ground, in front of the car,” Stillwater Police said in a statement posted to Facebook. “She pulled forward, ran over the top of the child, causing serious trauma.”

Police airlifted Merida to OU Medical Center. “The family, filled with grief, still came to each one of us and thanked us for being the ones that responded for their granddaughter,” the statement read.

Merida suffered several serious injuries from the crash, including skull fractures and multiple internal injuries. The police’s Facebook post also revealed that Merida’s family came by the station earlier in the day to deliver meals to officers who couldn’t be with their families.

“We gave thanks to GOD that we were the ones that got to help with this little girl,” they wrote. “The cops prayed with the family when the helicopter left.”

The family was only in town for the holidays, as their permanent residence is in Mexico with Merida’s father. Now, they’ve set up a GoFundMe page to try to raise money to get Merida’s father to come be by her side.

“First and foremost, Merida needs her daddy with her,” the page states, “He’s currently in southern Mexico, where he’s a resident and citizen, and has been unable to find a way to reach any official who can help due to the holiday season.”

Merida’s father was banned from the U.S. for 10 years after being deported. The family is lobbying officials to allow him to come visit his injured daughter in the hospital.

The process is still ongoing, but U.S. officials haven’t agreed to anything yet. Merida’s father was caught with marijuana paraphernalia before he was deported, which complicates the situation.

After they raise enough funds to get Merida’s father to the states, the rest of the money will go to any medical bills they’ll face in the future. Since Merida’s injuries are serious, she’ll likely need intense medical care and eventual rehabilitation.

“We don’t know if there’s a chance she might not recover,” Amber Gibson told KOCO. “And it would just be better for her to have him here so she could hear him when she wakes up and see him, that would help her recover more I think.”

Although Merida is still too injured to talk, she can move her head a bit and has responded to some questions. She’s making progress, but still has a long road to recovery.

“The fact that she can open her eye and at least nod an answer to questions is amazing,” Merida’s aunt, Brandy Gibson, told the Stillwater News Press. Merida continues to make slow and steady progress by the day.

According to the family’s GoFundMe account, Merida was taken off sedation and the breathing tube. “She’s not able to talk, but has been able to enjoy a bit of cartoons,” it states.

Thankfully, Merida’s MRI didn’t show any brain or nerve damage, so the family is hopeful for a full recovery. As her GoFundMe states, “Her condition is still considered critical, but is moving in a positive direction.”

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